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What is feminism?

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What is feminism?

What is feminism? Gender Approaches, Gendered Society


Part one: Essay Plan Approximately 400 words 
You will submit a detailed plan of your research essay for feedback from your tutor. You will be assessed on the effort and thought you put into the plan as well as the clarity of your writing and understanding of the ideas, concepts and issues we have discussed in the unit. 
Briefly summarise the concepts / theories you will analyse in your essay (if the question asks you to specifically refer to concepts / theories and examples, make sure you include these in your essay).
Indicate some examples that you might use to support you analysis.
Outline your argument, in point form, and show the stages through which your argument will progress.
Indicate which of your academic publications will be used at various stage in your analysis. 
Part two: Annotated Bibliography approximately 450 words. 
You will compile and submit an annotated bibliography of the research that, at least provisionally, provides support for the argument and analysis that you will provide in your essay. You will need to provide details of a minimum of six relevant scholarly publications; at least two of these readings must come from the unit, and a minimum of three must be publications that you have found elsewhere. You may use more than 6 publications. 


LITERATURE AND LANGUAGE Name: Instructor: Institution: Date: Part 1 Thesis. While arguments are continually made for gender, sexuality and race as biological fact, it is more productive to regard them as outcomes of discourses and discursive practices that have varied historically ,geographically and culturally. Body Arguments * What is feminism? (Beasly 1999).A look at what basically constitutes feminism and the theories explaining theory. The causes that feminists are agitating for .According to Lober (2000); it is these feminists that are even playing a greater role in the expansion of the gender debate. Psychoanalysis, postmodernism, a theory of the body and queer theory (Beasly, 1999) .Jeffrey attempts to ‘deconstruct’ the earlier notions of sexuality. * The underlying theories behind the understanding and appreciation of personal differences and how people perceive each other. The concept of difference (Stuar


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What is feminism? What is feminism?
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