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[Solved] what is absorbed, and what comes out.

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[Solved] what is absorbed, and what comes out.

Urinalysis and Digestive Physiology: Table and Graph Analysis


hello, I will email both the assessment brief and the result so that you can understand what you are going to do. No introductions, aims, methods for both. You just have to describe the tables and the graph (legend) and discuss the data collected. Thanks


Digestive physiology Name Lecturer Health Date Introduction The digestive system is what dictates what enters the body, what is absorbed, and what comes out. It is the center of everything that can either benefit or harm the body. It therefore plays an essential role in urinalysis. Urinalysis is a very important procedure since it helps in the analysis of one’s urine composition, so as to come up with knowledge of the distinct composition of urine. It encompasses all the aspects-the chemical, physical as well as the microscopic analysis of urine. The urinalysis experiment was carried out to analyze the five different urine samples of different patients, and in turn use this to come up with a criterion of diagnosing each of these patients. Discussion Salivary amylase, also known as the alpha-amylase is a digestive enzyme produced and secreted by the salivary glands in the mouth. Salivary amylase is secreted chiefly by the parotid gland which secretes little or no mucin (Vasudevan, sreekumariand& vaidianathan, 2010). It starts the digestive process by acting on starch when food is chewed in the mouth converting it into maltose. Maltose is a smaller carbohydrate which has a slightly sweet taste. The main purpose of salivary amylase is to partially digest starches into shorter chains of glucose called polysaccharides, as well as a disaccharides consisting of two glucose molecules called maltose which are easily absorbed by the body (Peluso,...

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[Solved] what is absorbed, and what comes out. [Solved] what is absorbed, and what comes out.
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