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what did you see, hear, smell?

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what did you see, hear, smell?

Teaching Gender

Part I: Think of a point in your life when you have been taught gender, or when you witnessed others being taught gender, or when you taught gender to others. As with the previous narrative, sit quietly for a few minutes and think about the event. Relive it in your mind as if it was a scene from a movie. Think about the details of what happened - what did you see, hear, smell? Where did this take place? What was said or done, and who said or did it? Part II: Quickly write out the scene. Get it all down on paper. Then go back and revise it. Add as much detail and realism as you can. Describe how the characters look, how they spoke, and their actions. Make me as the reader feel like I am there with you. You may not remember every detail. It`s ok to invent or embellish slightly in order to capture the feeling of the event.
Student`s Name Instructor`s Name Title of the Course Date My Experience after Attending a Seminar about Gender It was on a chilly Friday morning when I pulled into the parking lot of a four storey building located in the heart of New York City where the seminar about gender was to be held. I took the elevators and within a few minutes I was standing at the entrance of the conference room where I was greeted by some of the event organizers who gave me a copy of the program and ushered me in. Inside the conference room, it was warm and a live band was entertaining the guests wh...

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 what did you see, hear, smell? what did you see, hear, smell?
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