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[Solved] What are metrics?

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[Solved] What are metrics?


What are metrics? Why are they important to e-commerce managers? What is the performance dashboard? How can it be implemented?
METRICSName:Course:Professor Name:(January 12, 2012) MetricsMetric is the manner in which an organization is able to gauge its activities and performance. It ranges from the stakeholders shareholders and employee expectations from a company. They have for the longest while centered on the financial ability of an organization, then by the qualifications of the organization, a comprehensive customer analysis on customer satisfaction and value for money is also applicable (Klubeck, 2011). They are important because they help the managers to be in a position to estimate if their respective companies are making any progress. The assess the progress in terms of the time used in achieving an object...

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[Solved] What are metrics? [Solved] What are metrics?
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