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For this question you must use virtnet (as used in the workshops) to study web application attacks. This assumes you have already setup and are familiar with virtnet. See Moodle and workshop instructions for information on setting up and using virtnet, deploying the website, and performing the attack.

Your task is to:

Create topology 7 in virtnet

Deploy the MyUni demo website on the nodes

On node4, add a user to the grading web application with username set to your student ID, and password set to your first name.

Perform an unvalidated redirect attack, such that the attacker steals your username/password.

While performing the attack, take a screenshot of the window showing the stolen username/password.

After performing and understanding the attack, answer the following sub-questions.

(a)Give a short description of an unvalidated redirect attack, referring to the steps you performed in the attack and the vulnerability your attack exploited. [2 marks]

(b)Assuming a website must use redirects, recommend a technique that can be used to minimise the impact of unvalidated redirect attacks. [1 mark]

(c)In the attack you performed in virtnet, describe what methods the attacker used (other than an unvalidated redirect) and how the attacker benefits from the attack (that is, what do they gain and how?). [3 marks]

(d)Include the screenshot of the stolen username/password obtained during the attack. [2 marks]

Marking Scheme

(a)Clear description, demonstrating understanding of the attack: 2 marks. Some mistakes or misunderstandings: 1 mark. Many mistakes and/or lack of understanding: 0 marks.

(b)One relevant techniques clearly described: 1 mark. No relevant techniques or lack of understanding of techniques: 0 marks.

(c)Clear description of methods and benefits: 3 marks. Minor mistakes or misunderstandings in description: 2 marks. Missing methods or benefits; major mistakes: 1 mark. Lack of understanding of both methods and benefits, or no relevant methods/benefits: 0 marks.

(d)Screenshot showing relevant information: 2 marks. No screenshot or not showing relevant information: 0 marks.

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