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Viability of Blount ships

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Viability of Blount ships

Viability of Blount ships

You are the owner of Blount ship cruises. Research its viability. Make a Research Plan, what did you find out? Based on demand, demographics, price, competition, popularity etc. Marketing Research Conducted: (survey, demographic research etc) Research Findings: (these can be made up for a survey, but your demographic study should be real)
Student`s name:Tutor:Course:Date:Viability of Blount shipsResearch plan The research in this case was aimed at seeking relevant information about Blount ships with regard to popularity, competition, price, demographics, and demand. The applied methods of data collection included questionnaires and also interviews. These facilitated relevant information attainment which was applied in coming up with suitable conclusions. Research findingsPopularity Through the research, I managed to come up with the following findings. For instance, the Blount ships are popular especially in cases whereby large ship utilization is not appropriate. This ship type possesses features which are designed specifically for meeting requirement like shallow water sailing aimed at taking individuals upon adventures wherein large ships turn out to be inappropriate (Brummett 1). Individuals often require ships for varying purposes and just as the needs vary, it is clear that required ship sizes also vary. The research pointed out that Blount ships were highly popular among individuals who were in need of accomplishing purposes which would not be appropriately fulfilled through the use of big ships. Competition The research reveals that Blount ships are highly competitive in their operations. The types which are likely to offer competition include Grande Mariner and Grande Caribe both with capacities of ninety six passengers, and Niagara prince has the capacity to accommodate sixty six passengers (The Northern Star 1). These ships have not been able to extend great competition towards Blunt ships because it offers desirable and reliable services to its customers. Due to their capacity to hold small passenger numbers, Blount cruise creates an environment wherein passengers are able to enjoy more intimate incidents. These ships also turn out to be convenient because passengers do not have t...

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Viability of Blount ships Viability of Blount ships
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