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[Solved]Use of energy efficient Appliances

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[Solved]Use of energy efficient Appliances

It is a group work. I need to make the coclusion of all
the subject is:
Use of energy efficient Appliances

1 member is writing about iot ( internet of things)
1 member is writing about how Vodafone is using bug data to large reduction in energy consumtion
1 member is writing about carbon and energy
4: Me- statistic and conclusion

i need to write about :

• Statistic Vodafone energy consumption in the last few years( with statistic draw)
• reduce cost and grow productivity
• use in a smart way the resources
• time management ( issuing iot in roads to monitor the traffic (exemple:traffic jams)- find alternative roads 
• work safety
• iot risk
• conclusion about my team members subjects
•everything needs to be related to Vodafone

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[Solved]Use of energy efficient Appliances [Solved]Use of energy efficient Appliances
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