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Use of Deadly Force By Law Enforcement

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Use of Deadly Force By Law Enforcement

Use of Deadly Force By Law Enforcement

Research Paper requirement- THE FOLLOWING FORMAT IS REQUIRED. Should be in the area of 15-20 pages in length, typed word format, 12 point font, double spaced. The topic will be of your selection as long as it relates to the material covered in this class. The idea of the project is not to make you an expert in the subject field but to enrich your learning experience and have the ability to write about it – intelligently. Paper format – each section must be titled! Title Page,,, CRJ100, NICC, My Name, Professor`s Name ( I will fill this in) Section one… Introduction (disclose the topic, anything unique about it, why the subject was selected, current trends/issues with it, ect. DO NOT USE THE FIRST PERSON (I, ME) IN THIS SECTION OR ANY SECTION UNTIL THE FINAL SECTION, PERSONAL ANALYSIS Section two… Literature Research (what do the professionals say about the topic…(include citations) Section three… Statistical data to support your research and introductory statements…include citations… Section four… Assumption(s)/Supposition(s)… during your research you should have drawn some type of assumption as to “if this continues this may happen” – Section five… Person analysis/recommendations of section four— General comments about the project paper… refrain (DO NOT) from writing in the first person (“I”, “me”) until you get to section 5 There is nothing more frustrating than reading a paper and guessing where sections of the paper start and finish. Grade will be reduced dramatically for a paper not following the REQUIRED format i.e.: I. Introduction II. Literature review III. And so on….
Use of Deadly Force by Law EnforcementName:Professor:Date: IntroductionDeadly force can be defined as the use of any physical force that might have the result of causing serious bodily harm or even death (Geoffrey, 2004). As a result of its grave consequences it is illegal, even criminal, to use deadly force without due justification. There are four main situations in which one is allowed to use bodily force legally. These are in law enforcement (which has been a controversial subject so far), in the prevention of crime, while defending a third party or finally, for self-defense. Still, under each of these provisions, the use of deadly force has to be completely necessary and this will differ from situation to situation.The use of deadly force by law enforcement has been an issue of concern to many countries in the world. It can be described as use of excess force by a law enforcement officer when dealing with a particular situation that is likely to cause death or injury to the other person. Therefore, different circumstances call for different levels of force to be exercised by a police officer. The use of deadly force is considered the most serious decision made by a police officer. However, some police officers are lucky and in their entire careers are not accused of having used excessive force but those who are not as lucky and charged, they are normally guided by the United States Supreme Court case of Tennessee V. Garner of 1985 and their respective department`s policy. The authority given to the police officers regarding the use of excessive force while performing their duties is defined by case law, common law and statute. Tennessee V. Garner (1985) case was filed in the Supreme Court of the United States. It was held that a law enforcement officer can use deadly force when pursuing a suspect who is running away to ensure that the suspect does not escape if the officer has a reason to believe that the suspect is in possession of a weapon or is capable of ca...

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Use of Deadly Force By Law Enforcement Use of Deadly Force By Law Enforcement
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