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Unit FOUR – Final essay

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Unit FOUR – Final essay

Unit FOUR – Final essay


Description of Critical Essays from the Syllabus:

You will also be asked to write 3 critical essays. I realized that the info included in the syllabus about the critical essay is wrong. The first essay is worth 6%, this second essay is worth 10%.  It should be the same length or a couple pages longer than the last essay (let`s say 4-6 pages? (roughly 1200-1500 words).  Your final essay will be worth 14% and should be 5-7 pages (1500-1800 words roughly)  In all three essays you will be asked to write an objective, concrete argument. In these essays you will graded on your ability to 1) construct a non-obvious, arguable thesis or claim; 2) to support that claim using appropriate resources; 3) to explain why your argument matters.

For an in-depth account of what I am looking for in a “critical essay,” please see the appropriate documents under the “Description of Assignments”(document name: “what I am looking for in a critical essay 1”and “Dr.V’s Tips for writing short papers”)


As a final essay, if possible related a little bit with previous two critical essays.

Final essay resource and rubric:

Reading material list is in the following:


Please use the following resource in the list as reference only!!!


The Vampire Attraction: http://www.sheknows.com/love-and-sex/articles/811724/the-vampire-attraction

Can also use some resource from previous two essay



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Unit FOUR – Final essay Unit FOUR – Final essay
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