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[Solved] Understanding the Market Process

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[Solved] Understanding the Market Process

Aim of the Assessment Brief The re-assessment brief provides a comprehensive account of the re-assessment details and requirements for the Understanding the Principles of Marketing module. The re-assessment brief is available on the module Blackboard site. The document provides links to the definitive data sources where possible.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of Assessment Component B students will have demonstrated their ability to:-

  • present a summary of a market analysis of a selected brand/organisation, its CSFs and key market segments
  • present and discuss specific marketing mix decisions within the context of an identified market segment and related CSFs (critical success factors)
  • support the recommendations made with market data and/or marketing theory

produce an essay to a professional standard and reference the contents correctly using the UWE Harvard Referencing system



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[Solved] Understanding the Market Process [Solved] Understanding the Market Process
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