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[Solved] Understanding Organisations and the Role of Human Resources

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[Solved] Understanding Organisations and the Role of Human Resources

Understanding Organisations and the Role of Human Resources


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Understanding Organisations and the Role of Human ResourcesNameCourse Professor University State DateActivity AAnnex Publishers: A publishing firm situated in Annex House on the intersection of two busy streets in Lynn. The firm is engaged in publishing religious books, motivational books, magazines, and journals for its clients. The organization began in 2006 as a small printing firm and became a publishing firm in 2010. The firm publishes monthly journals and magazines for various churches and organizations around Essex County. Besides these, the firm receives and publishes manuscripts for individual writers. Annex publishers has several Departments, which include Registry, Editing Department, Human Resource, Production and Accounts. Currently the firm still uses a manual system to record and store information for its diverse customers and the storage of book records. Organizational StructureThe Annex organizational design structure has a hierarchical organization structure. This structure is made up of functional design structure composed of Human Resource, Finance, marketing among others. These organizational structures are quite autonomous where a senior staff who reports to the Managing director of the specific department leads each of the department.RationaleAnnex Publishers has been having challenge to manage the publishing transactions for individual writers. This is because the firm uses a manual system that is tedious and slow. Receipts are processed manually using receipt books, which are prone to errors as tracing, and correction of errors is difficult. The manual system poses a threat to data security, as data is stored in filing cabinets whose keys may be accessed by intruders (Taylor, 2008). The firm came up with a proposed solution of implementing a transactions management system for its Publishing activities. Vision“To be The Premier Worldwide Provider of Religious Books and Stationery Products and Services”Corporate VisionThe corporate vision Annex Publishers is to be social responsible publishing form. The Organizational CultureThe culture of the firm is pluralistic. Under this culture, all the aspect of a job is analyzed before decision-making. Moral judgment is used to judge the actions of employees in the basis Morality principles where good gain the highest priority (Taylor, 2008, p. 38). The effects of pluralism culture in annex have had a strong impact on the effectiveness of the organizational especially on the Human Resource department. Under this culture, the Human Resource manager has been responsible for understanding the needs of the diverse cultural employees in the organization and addressing them. Annex has a workforce that is composed of a people from diverse social and cultural backgrounds. This diversity in the workforce has posed different positive values, attitudes, and norms that have helped in effectiveness, in the operations of the organization. The diverse cultural needs at Annex have b...

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[Solved] Understanding Organisations and the Role of Human Resources [Solved] Understanding Organisations and the Role of Human Resources
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