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This assignment requires you to perform a close reading of a passage from The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-time Indian. It is worth 40% of your marks for this unit.

A close reading, sometimes called an explication, is a very detailed examination of a passage from a text (or scene from a film). A close textual analysis of even a short extract will offer insights into the text as whole.


Undertake a close reading of the passage below. Ensure that you:

A. Locate the passage in the context of the plot and themes of the novel as a whole;
B. Explain how the narrative and language features of the excerpt are used to position the implied reader in relation to the protagonist and his experience, by drawing upon and applying aspects of narrative theory from Week 6, as well as discussing aspects of narration such as humour, tone, metaphor, dialogue, description, and figurative language;
C. Comment on the protagonist`s struggle to reconcile his Indigenous culture and community with the dominant white culture at Reardan, paying particular attention to the notions of identity, intersectionality and the matrix of domination (key ideas from the unit materials for Week 7) and
D. Support your own original analysis with direct quotation from the relevant e-readings in your study guide and your own independent research (that is, at least one relevant, scholarly source you have found yourself in addition to those supplied for you in the Study Guide).

The close reading should be 1500 words long and written as an academic essay: it requires an introduction, a body of discussion based on evidence, proper citations, and a conclusion and reference list.

The close reading should be uploaded to the Assignment 2 Dropbox on CloudDeakin on or before the due date. As for Assignment 1, students who wish to apply for an extension or Special Consideration must do so well in advance of the due date, and provide relevant supporting documentation. Work that is late will be penalised 5% of the overall mark per day overdue.

The Passage:

Yep, my dad was an undependable drunk. But he`d never missed any of my organized games, concerts, plays, or picnics. He may not have loved me perfectly, but he loved me as well as he could.

My mom was sitting in her usual place on the opposite side of the court from Dad.

Funny how they did that. Mom always said that Dad made her too nervous; Dad always said that Mom made him too nervous.

Penelope was yelling and screaming like crazy, too.

I waved at her; she blew me a kiss.

Great, now I was going to have to play the game with a boner.

Ha-ha, just kidding.

So we ran through lay-ups and three-on-three weave drills and free throws and pick and rolls, and the evil Wellpinit five came running out of the visitors` locker room.

Man, you never heard such booing. Our crowd was as loud as a jet.

They were just pitching the Wellpinit players some serious crap.

You want to know what it sounded like?

It sounded like this:


We couldn`t even hear each other. I worried that all of us were going to have permanent hearing damage.

I kept glancing over at Wellpinit as they ran their layup drills. And I noticed Rowdy kept glancing over at us.

At me.

Rowdy and I pretended that we weren`t looking at each other. But, man, oh, man, we were sending each other some serious hate signals across the room.

I mean, you have to love somebody that much to also hate them that much, too.

Our captains, Roger and Jeff, ran out to the center circle to have the game talk with the refs.

Then our band played "The Star Spangled Banner."

And then our five starters, including me, ran out to the inner circle to go to battle against Wellpinit`s five.

Rowdy smirked at me as I took my position next to him.

"Wow," he said. "You guys must be desperate if you`re starting."

"I`m guarding you," I said.

"You can`t stop me. I`ve been kicking your ass for fourteen years."

"Not tonight," I said. "Tonight`s my night."

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