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[Solved] Transformation BP

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[Solved] Transformation BP

Transformation BP


Answer questions 1,2,3,4

Transformation BPName:Institution:Date:QUESTION ONEIt is quite evident that BP has addressed a number of fines as a cost for doing their business. The company was heavily fined by (OSHA) Occupational Safety and Health Administration after the 2005 explosion at an oil refinery in Texas that left fifteen workers dead and injured many others. In the 2006, they were fined $20 million for failing to correct a leaking pipe in Alaska which later caused its closure. In the year 2010; BP was again fined by OSHA for not addressing the changes they promised after the Texas City explosion. BP has therefore spent a lot of money trying to settle fines mainly resulting from their negligence.QUESTION TWOBP’s executive Tony Hayward replaced Lord Browne and later focused on the company’s safety. He first of all committed ...

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[Solved] Transformation BP [Solved] Transformation BP
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