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Training and Development (Human Resource Management)

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Training and Development (Human Resource Management)

Using the company that you have previously selected(T-Mobile) and that was approved by your instructor, research the training and development function of this organization and submit an APA formatted research paper outlining those functions.

If these details are unavailable for the organization you chose, you may research those topics below in general, and present recommendations on the bulleted items below. You must make a decision on which one would be best for the organization in the final paper.

All papers must include four outside resources to support your analysis. All projects should contain an introduction, body, and conclusion. For this project you should:

  • Explain how the organization identifies training needs in the context of training needs analysis.
  • Identify training methods used within the organization.
  • Identify the organization’s use of both internal and external resources to assist with training.
  • Describe training programs used for employee orientation, diversity, and harassment.
  • Describe one other training program that is unique to this organization (for example, forklift training, ERP system training).
  • Describe how the organization measures the effectiveness of the training program (for example, how they evaluate training).
  • Identify ways talent is developed within the organization (for example, mentoring, leadership training, et cetera).
  • What value does the organization place on training and development? Provide examples of how this is demonstrated.
  • What role does training and development play in the organization’s ability to attract and retain talent?

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Training and Development (Human Resource Management) Training and Development (Human Resource Management)
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