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[Solved]Trade Show Press Kit & Product Presentation

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[Solved]Trade Show Press Kit & Product Presentation

Trade Show Press Kit & Product Presentation

Class Project Outline: Public Relations II Instructor: Raymond T. Lomax Trade Show Press Kit & Product Presentation Goal: To give students a better understanding of the critical thinking, strategic thinking and strategic planning process used by companies by utilizing a practical application of marketing communications techniques. Objective: To conceptualize and develop a comprehensive and industry relevant press kit (traditional and electronic) for the fashion and/or business editors of all the major fashion B2B media such as WWD. Skills needed: Research. strategic thinking skills; creative writing; time management/organizational and presentation skills. Press Kit Project Description: Part I – 50% As the Marketing Director of a major manufacturing company, (make up a company, concept & products/service provided), it is one of your responsibilities to oversee the public relations/IMC campaign associated with your company`s participation in a major upcoming fashion trade show (e.g. Fashion Week in New York) Your company may produce men`s, women, children`s apparel; accessories; cosmetics; fragrances; buttons; lining; etc. The background information will be based upon the company`s years of success in its field. It will include information such as: how and when it was founded, company product or service concept, current or future goals and objectives, future expansion, strategic planning, capital, financing, etc. The biography will be about someone in the company that has something to do with the announcement. (e.g. CEO, inventor, designer, scientist, etc.) Photos will also relate to the announcement. The essential part of this campaign consists of getting the trade media excited about your company`s presence in the show, and particularly the introduction of the new product or service (newsworthiness). One of the primary tools necessary in this effort is the preparation of a press kit. This press kit is an announcement to the trade media about your company`s presence at the upcoming trade show, where you will be unveiling some major new product or service. The press kit is designed to answer all of the most likely questions that the media might ask about the company`s announcement. Your press kit will include all the essential (bare bones) elements including: 1. News release (minimum of 2-3 pages) 2. Backgrounder information (minimum of 2-3 pages) 3. Biography (highlight someone in the company – tie in to announcement) 4. Photo(s) printouts. (Labeled with photo credits, etc.) 5. *Schedule of Events for Trade Show. (see Trade Show section below.) In addition, the kit will include your company`s schedule of events that will take place at the show. The schedule will describe activities at the trade show for the media and customers alike such as sales presentations, seminars, demonstrations and other special promotional activities. Remember, your company`s presence at this show is to sell product (personal selling) by getting as much publicity as possible, thereby gaining new customers while retaining old ones. Your activities at the show should reflect that objective. *TRADE SHOW Presentation: Part II – 50% Students will prepare a PowerPoint sales presentation about the new product. It should include most all the elements in the press kit, plus any enhancements necessary to sell the product. Remember, this sales presentation and should be designed to gain customer attention, interest, desire and action needed to close the sale (AIDA). It should completely explain the new product or service including reasons why the product will help the customer`s company. The press kit and product presentation will be presented to the class on week 9. IMPORTANT – Do not use the name, trademark, logo, letterhead of any real company. Press kit should be original writing, however, if quotes or other material are utilized, be sure to cite those source(s) in accordance with acceptable format. (Books available in the Library and formats now available on the new Microsoft Word software at school.) The project is due on date noted in the syllabus. It is your responsibility to hand in the project on or before that date – not after. Any project handed in after that date(s) will receive a major penalty and/or failing grade. You are responsible to get the project to me by the deadline. If for some unforeseen, unavoidable and extenuating circumstance, you are unable to get the press kit to me as noted above, you must send the finished press kit to me via email on the deadline date along with a complete explanation. You will then hand in the completed press kit to me immediately upon your return to school. It is your responsibility to get the press kit to me ASAP. See syllabus for further details.   Project Evaluation Criteria: C project must meet the following standards: 1. Follows all project criteria. 2. Answers to questions/rationale clearly stated. 3. Organized and clearly communicates information. B project demonstrates the competencies of C project in addition to: 1. Demonstrated understanding of project and findings. 2. Provided specific support and development. 3. Demonstrates effort. A project demonstrates the competencies of C & B project in addition to: 1. Demonstrates creativity, critical thinking and innovation 2. Material exact, purposeful and coherent. 3. Demonstrates extra effort. D project: 1. Does not fully meet criteria of project. 2. Shows lack of effort and time spent in project development. 3. Conclusions weak or illogical. F project: 1. Does not meet criteria of project at all. 2. Poor grasp of material. 3. Complete lack of effort.
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[Solved]Trade Show Press Kit & Product Presentation [Solved]Trade Show Press Kit & Product Presentation
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