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[Solved]To allow professionals trained in the hiring process to save the organization money with their efficiencies that managers

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[Solved]To allow professionals trained in the hiring process to save the organization money with their efficiencies that managers may not have.

HR Department


One indication that the perceived status of the HR Department has not been elevated from its past image is: Answer

a. many roles in the HR Department are considered minimum-wage status jobs.

b. many HR managers report to a vice president instead of the president or an executive vice president of the organization.

C. the HR Department is often the first department down-sized in tough economic times.

d. the HR Department often lacks a voice in making strategic decisions for the organization.

One of the reasons stated by the textbook authors for the development of an employment office in an organization was: Answer

a. To bring professional standards to the hiring process.

b. To allow professionals trained in the hiring process to save the organization money with their efficiencies that managers may not have.

c. To make it easier for potential new employees to go through the hiring process quicker.

d. To bring hiring tasks together in one place to eliminate the burden of managers on tasks that did not generate revenue for the organization.

Question 4

The type of alternative HR model is formed when the HR department decentralizes its work and activities. Answer

a. Alternative clerical model

b. Legal model

c. Financial model

d. Managerial model

Question 5

This type of HR model places an emphasis on maintaining employees as effective producers. Answer

a. Clerical model

b. Consulting model

c. Control model

d. Counseling model

Question 6

The Taft-Hartley Act modified which of the following? Answer

a.Landrum-Griffen Act

b. National Labor Relations Act

c. Labor Management Relations Act

d. Norris-LaGuardia Act

Question 7

The National Labor Relations Act had the principal effect of: Answer

a. strengthening the position of employers in resisting union organizing efforts.

b. making it illegal for an employer to refuse to negotiate with a union.

c. restricting union flexibility in organizing.

d. giving unions virtually unlimited power in organizing and negotiating.

Question 8

The original audience to benefit from of the Social Security Act of 1935 was: Answer

a. children under the age of 18 years old who had a parent or guardian disabled or killed.

b. workers temporarily or permanently disabled.

c. widows and widowers of spouses killed in industrial accidents.

d. low-income elderly people.

Question 9

The main responsibility of the employee relations practitioner is to: Answer

a. assure employees are safe in the workplace.

b. assure employees are happy in the workplace.

c. monitor compliance with all applicable anti-discrimination laws.

d. monitor compliance with all applicable pay and wage laws.

Question 10

The function of recruiting and hiring in the health care field typically is done by: Answer

a. individual department managers.

b. the HR department.

c. an outsourced recruiting firm.

d. the president or CEO.

Question 11

The conflict between the HR department and department and line managers can be summed up by saying: Answer

a. HR practitioners are legally held responsible for regulation misconduct, which is why they constantly watch department and line manager’s actions.

b. HR practitioners are often more educated than department and line managers, therefore HR practitioners hold a higher status in the organization.

c. department and line managers want autonomy to do their jobs and HR wants to do what is in the best interest of the whole organization.

d. department and line managers are under more pressure to generate revenue for the organization and the HR department does not have such pressure.

Question 12

What is one problem associated with managing a heterogeneous work group? Answer

a. Handling the conflicts between employees that often arise.

b. Working with the variety in employee work ethics.

c. Striving to in make everyone happy.

d. Struggling to maintain consistency in disciplinary actions.

Question 13

A department manager’s visibility and availability to employees is important because: Answer

a. it is necessary for the manager to be able to watch over the employees most of the time.

b. the manager must be on hand should an emergency arise.

c. this demonstrates to the employees that the manager wishes to ensure that nothing goes wrong.

d. this allows employees to feel that answers or assistance are readily available when needed. Question 14

How is the education level of a position determined? Answer

a. By referring to a third-party source based on the job title.

b. By analyzing the actual duties to be performed.

c. By averaging the education level of everyone currently in the job.

d. By legally determined definitions offered by the federal government.

Question 15

What is a difference between the job summary and the principal duties performed sections of a position description? Answer

a. The job summary is written in full sentences and the principle duties section is written in bullet form.

b. The job summary is an overview of the job, while the principal duties specifically state the tasks of the job.

c. The job summary is written by the position analyst and the principal duties performed section is written by the current employee in the job.

d. The job summary is not legally binding but the principal duties performed is legally binding in a court of law for discrimination purposes.

Question 16

The practice of “salary bumping:” Answer

a. when successful, raises the cost of doing business without increasing the local supply of talent.

b. is preferred and generally supported by the majority of human resource professionals.

c. invariably demonstrates the existence of salary inequities when comparing the organization’s pay scales to the scales of other facilities.

d. stimulates expansion of the supply of a given occupation in the local area.

Question 17

According to the textbook, which statement best summarizes the relationship between the HR department and a department manager regarding recruiting activities? Answer

a. Hostile because department managers normally do not trust the HR department to bring them qualified candidates to interview.

b. Hierarchical with the HR department having the authority in the candidate decision.

c. Cooperation in order to benefit from the efficiency of the recruiting process.

d. Confusing due to neither party knowing what the other is doing.

Question 18

It is fundamental to the hiring practice that: Answer

a. two or more persons separately interview any potential candidate to get a fair and balanced opinion of the candidate.

b. the person who will directly supervise the new employee serve as the primary interviewer and will make the hiring decision.

c. the proper paperwork be submitted according to a timeline so that the efficiencies of the entire recruiting process be realized.

d. the decision to high a specific candidate be a majority opinion among the deciders.

Question 19

Under civil service, disciplinary procedures: Answer

a. Are essentially nonexistent, unneeded because of union contract provisions.

b. Are aimed exclusively at the problems involved in ridding the a. organization of unsatisfactory performers.

c. Are typically progressive in nature, similar to many non-civil-service organizations.

d. Are streamlined to reduce steps and minimize the need for documentation.

Question 20

The hiring process for individuals seeking employment at state and local health care organizations covered by civil service: Answer

a. Utilizes a civil service examination to determine whether an individual possesses the minimum qualifications for the job in question.

b. Can include competitive exams to determine the most qualified persons for a particular job.

c. Utilizes only written examinations so that documentation of test performance is created.

d. For the sake of treating all applicants equally, favors no particular applicants with special consideration.

Question 21

The location of the interview: Answer

a. does not need to be fancy, but should be private and comfortable.

b. must always be behind closed doors.

c. allows the candidate to be impressed with the organization’s furnishings.

d. should be large enough to seat at least five people.

Question 22

Which question best fits the category of a behavioral style interview question? Answer

a. What is the first thing you will do if offered this position?

b. Will you persuade me to buy the pen in your hand?

c. Tell me why you are interested in this position?

d. Describe when you had a conflict at work. What did you do about it?

Question 23

A candidate who appears nervous in an interview sends the signal to the interviewer to: Answer

a. dismiss this candidate based on the assumption he or she is hiding something.

b. help the candidate become more comfortable.

c. stop talking and allow the candidate to gain composure in the situation.

d. tell a joke to make the candidate laugh.

Question 24

The basis for department training should focus on: Answer

a. being theoretical.

b. being practical and applicable.

c. what the learner wants to learn.

d. how the learner will perceive the need for training.

Question 25

When is it best to address training needs? Answer

a. On a continuing basis.

b. On the employee’s anniversary date.

c. When the annual budgets are created.

d. At the employee’s annual performance review.

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[Solved]To allow professionals trained in the hiring process to save the organization money with their efficiencies that managers may not have. [Solved]To allow professionals trained in the hiring process to save the organization money with their efficiencies that managers may not have.
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