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Thomas More`s Utopia

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Thomas More`s Utopia

Thomas More`s Utopia

- please send me a draft within 48 hours - this is a political science paper - the paper should compare and contrast Thomas More`s Utopia, Tommaso Campanella`s The City of the Sun and Francis Bacon`s The New Atlantis - for referencing and quoting use footnotes - Use Thomas More as the focal point for the paper as he is one of the main authors of the covered in the course - Thank you for your understanding
Name:Course Name:Instructor`s Name:Date of Submission:Table of Contents TOC o "1-3" h z u Main Body PAGEREF _Toc322434869 h 3Utopia PAGEREF _Toc322434870 h 6Ideal Commonwealth PAGEREF _Toc322434871 h 7Principle Application PAGEREF _Toc322434872 h 9Social Critique PAGEREF _Toc322434873 h 10New Island of Utopia PAGEREF _Toc322434874 h 11Geography of Utopia PAGEREF _Toc322434875 h 13Work Habits PAGEREF _Toc322434876 h 14Social, Business and Travel Relations PAGEREF _Toc322434877 h 15Gold and Silver PAGEREF _Toc322434878 h 15Moral Philosophy PAGEREF _Toc322434879 h 16Conclusion PAGEREF _Toc322434880 h 17Bibliography PAGEREF _Toc322434881 h 19Thomas More`s UtopiaIntroductionUtopia has been applied to describe ideal society, intentional communities and fictional societies that are applied in the literature. Utopia is an ideal society or community that is characterized with a perfect socio-political legal system. Sir Thomas More imported the term Utopia from the Greek, and applied it in the book named ‘Utopia`. Utopia was applied to describe a fictional island situated in the Atlantic Ocean. Utopia over the years has concepts spawned prominently in the dystopia. Utopia as a Greek work meaning that there is ‘no place`. English has a similar application of Utopia resonating with ‘good place`.The term Utopia has similarly illustrated double meanings. Utopia has been applied in history and politics over the years. The notion of global Utopia is one of the pointed endings of history considering the peace in the world. This is in light to the spheres and political structures; it is commonly noted to resonate with poly culture that is a system adapted in models identifying with interactions between identities and people from different cultures, which have different styles of looking at things. Participatory society has present principles subjected and followed by the members of the community.The world has recently changed due to technological advancements and is presenting different political systems altogether. Current times are dominated with the science facts as stated by Sir. Efremov, a Soviet writer, the writer united the humanities amid challenges in competition considering the alternative philosophies. Utopia is applied in other philosophical lines resonating with religion, ecology, economics, science, technology and feminism. Utopian literature dates back to pre-twentieth century, twentieth century and the twenty first century.[Sargent, Lyman. Utopianism: A Very Short Introduction. (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2010), 32] Main BodyThe Book ‘The city of the Sun` is an Italian work done by the Dominican philosopher Tommasso Campanella. The book critically looked at the early Utopian work. Campanella was imposed on the basis of sedition and heresy dated back to the year sixteen zero two. The book, city of the sun is presented in a dialogue form identifying with Knights Hospitaller grandmother and the Sea Capt...

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Thomas More`s Utopia Thomas More`s Utopia
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