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The Thin Blue Line

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The Thin Blue Line

The Thin Blue Line

The requirements for this project has been uploaded in the word document. This lab requires the student to locate one of the following documentary films for review and answer the following questions: • Brother`s Keeper (1992; or, 10th anniversary version, 2002) • An Act of Conscience (1997) • Incident at Ogallala: The Leonard Peltier Story (1992) • The Thin Blue Line (1988) • Murder on a Sunday Morning (2001) Each of these films is available in a number of different ways: commercial DVD rental, library borrowing, internet downloading, or purchasing a copy. Make sure that you have the correct film--these are all documentary films that detail factual events that took place in the U.S. For this assignment, you are to view the film in its entirety. As you are watching the film, you should take notes on the following information: • Title of film, including director, year of release, and studio that released it. • A brief description of the main characters in the film. For example, if it profiles a person charged with a crime, name him/her and what s/he allegedly did; are there main CJ professionals (e.g., district attorney, defense attorney) who are central to the story? • A brief description of the events that allegedly took place. If it is unclear what happened, describe the conflicting scenarios. In each of these films, there are ambiguities about what happened (e.g., did a crime occur?), who did it (e.g., did the right person get charged?), and the processing of the case (e.g., what mistakes were made or thought to be made?). You are to analyze the film from the point of view of a criminologist, not as a movie critic (e.g., the film is “good” or “bad”). Your review should not focus on statements such as “I really like the film.” This might be said differently as, “This film clearly illustrates the problems that arise when there are political pressures to quickly arrest and convict a defendant.” This is a review for a course, not for the newspaper. Your review should specify issues that the film identifies about the events, the defendants (or others), and the processing of the case. Be specific, and use correct names and information. Your review should conform to the following: • 3 pages • double spaced, 12 point Times Roman font, 1 inch margins on all 4 sides • APA citation style if quoting from the text of the film (e.g., dialogue)
CRIMINAL THEORIES: THE THIN BLUE LINEName:Grade Course:Tutor`s Name: (06, November, 2010) Movie Review: The Thin Blue LineIntroductionThis paper is a comprehensive review of the movie The Thin Blue Line. This is a documentary crime drama directed and wrote by Errol Morris, scored by Glass and was released on 25 August 1988 by the Miramax studios in USA.. Errol Morris portrays a crime scene and investigation of a police murder in Dallas in November 1976.A drifter (Randal Adams) runs out of gas and pulls over before being picked by a youngster runaway (David Harris).Later that evening they have a good time drinking beer, watched movies and smoking marijuana as they get acquainted with each other. Randal claims that he was dropped off at his motel room but David Harris says that he was with Randall later that night when he (Randall) shot an approaching cop. Detailed investigations by the police points out David Harris as the prime murder suspect but the police are under great pressure to clear the case and ends up convicting Randall for the murder as Harris walks away Scot free though he was later convicted for murder of another murder. Generally, the movie highlights of a wrongful man convicted based on the arguments provided. However, he didn`t do by a corrupt and incompetent justice system in Dallas, Texas.Movie reviewThe Thin Blue Line is an American crime scene and investigative drama. This is a movie based on true life events and its cast involves interview of real life characters that includes: R.L Miller David Harris, Dennis Johnson, Floyd James, Randall Adams, Marshall Touchtone, Jackie Johnson, Sam Kittrell, Hootie Nelson, Dennis White, Emily Miller, Dale Holt and Don Metcalfe.Unfortunate turn of events unveils for the hitchhiker Randall Adams as his car runs out of gas at a town known as Vidor in Dallas whic...

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