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The Tempest

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The Tempest

Paragraph 1: Introduction. State that you attended The Tempest. You may wish to characterize your overall experience of the production or talk about what you expected when you went to the show and whether the show met your expectations or surprised you in some way. End this paragraph with a thesis statement that articulates the theme of The Tempest and explains how design elements elucidated this theme.

Paragraph 2: Discuss the scenic design and how it helps to set the mood and tone for the play, and establish locations. You may wish to mention the theatre space (proscenium, end-stage, thrust, arena) and how that affects your experience of the world of the play.

Paragraph 3: Discuss how costume design helps you to know who the characters are. What kind of world do they live in? What kind of jobs do they have?

Conclusion: Reflect on how the scenic and costume design worked together (or did not work together) to create a unified stage world.


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The Tempest The Tempest
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