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The Stamp Act 1765

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The Stamp Act 1765

The Stamp Act 1765

Please use Chicago Manual of Style format for citations and the bibliography. This is an American History paper on the Stamp Act of 1765.
The Stamp Act 1765Name: Institution: Course:Tutor:Date of submission:Stamp Act 1765The 1765 Stamp Act was mainly a straight tax which was put in place by the British parliament basing purposely on the British American. The requirements of this act was that various end products of materials found in the colonies be produced on the stamped papers, which in these case were mainly produced in London with an embossed revenue stamp on it. Most of these printed materials included magazines, news papers, legal documents, and lots of other papers used all through in the colonies. Taxation of the stamp was to be done in the legal British currency, but not to be paid in the colonial paper capital. The taxation was done with the aim of helping in the payments of the troops who were stationed in the north of America after the seven years war by the British. The view of the British government was that the colonies were the basic beneficiaries of the present military presence making them pay a potion of the expenditure. (Murrin et al. 2011)There were some great obstacles met by the Stamp Act in the colonies, since there were no ambassadors sent to parliament by the colonies leading to their luck of knowledge of the type of taxes raised, and the various ways of spending it in order to make it work. Most of the colonies observed this as a defiance of their human rights as Englishmen to be taxed without giving them the knowledge they deserve in that order which could only be given to them by the legislatures of the colonial the colonials were forced to send disapproval and petitions. The Stamp Act opposition was n...

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The Stamp Act 1765 The Stamp Act 1765
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