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[Solved] The Simple Meaning of Complex Rates of Return

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[Solved] The Simple Meaning of Complex Rates of Return

The Simple Meaning of Complex Rates of Return

i want you to follow the literature critique sample, it have to be the same way. Thank you. read the article attached in PDF and critique it alike the sample attached (1 pages single spaced) Here is a sample for literature critique: Literature Critique #1 Date Due: Month Day, Year By: FirstName M.I. LastName (suffix if applicable) Garetti, M., Pozzetti, A., & Tavecchio, R. (1996). Production scheduling in SMT electronic boards assembly. Production Planning and Control, 7 (2), 197-204. This article discusses the complex scheduling problem faced during surface mount technology (SMT) electronic board`s assembly. Developing a good production schedule can increase the performance of the entire production system. Thus, this paper examines the results of research carried out for the development of a production planning system for managing SMT assembly lines with variable printed circuit board (PCB) mixes. The model was set up based on a predetermined production load to meet the requirements of a weekly production plan, using only automatic component-inserting machines. The production system is made up of identical machines working in parallel with only one routing for each board. The assembly times varied according to the board types and the set up time is calculated as “the time required by the operator to place all component types on the feeders.” It is clear that this scheduling problem contains a sequencing problem within it; and it has both deterministic and non-deterministic portions as well. The major focus of the system aims at minimizing the makespan for the assigned production. In order to achieve the minimization of the makespan, the setup and idle times of the bottleneck machine has to be reduced. Reduction of setup time occurred by developing PCB mixes that could be produced without any need for setup. This meant that a setup was only necessary when changing over from one ‘no setup mix` (NS mix) to another. After assuming that the bottleneck machine type (machine type with the highest workload) for the NS mix was the same as the one for the whole examined period, the limitation of idle time on this bottleneck machine type became the next task of importance. There are 2 consecutive steps in the scheduling system: 1) generation of NS mixes and 2) sequencing of NS mixes. The generation of the NS mixes can be achieved by either maximization of machine productivity or minimization of machine setups. Sequencing of NS mixes can be achieved by minimizing the maximum operating time for the machine or minimizing the setup time of the system. In this research, the generation of the NS mixes was divided into three modules: generation of the feasible mixes, determination of the optimum quantities for each feasible mix, and choice of the no setup mixes. At the end of this phase, the mixes that share all electronic components on all the machine types and those mixes that could be produced simultaneously (while fulfilling the constraint forced by the limited machine component-storage capacity) were now grouped together. Next, the scheduling procedure forms a number of sequences equal to the number of NS mixes to define a possible starting point. Then, the best sequence is chosen.
Running Head: Article CritiqueThe Simple Meaning of Complex Rates of Return [Student Name][Course Title][Instructor][Date] The Simple Meaning of Complex Rates of ReturnArticle CritiqueDate Due: Month Day, YearBy: FirstName M.I. LastName (suffix if applicable)Axel Pierru (2010): The Simple Meaning of Complex Rates of Return, The Engineering Economist: A Journal Devoted to the Problems of Capital Investment, 55:2, 105-117The article under review provides a logical system and its explanation for interpreting and manipulating interest rates or rate of return mainly in scenarios where the rate of return includes an imaginary component. Interpreting or understanding the meaning of an equation or the calculation of rate of return can be very difficult and somewhat impossible and this phenomenon is backed by existing literature and researches in the article. Thus, the article attempts to build a system which can be used in finding out the meaning and interpreting complex rates of return specifically when an imaginary component is present. The system designed by the author is based on a portfolio which is composed of two different assets which have different risks and thus differing rates of return. The rates of return of each of the assets are assigned the symbols ρA and ρB for a specific period of time for use in calculations and explanation. The model is based on the assumpti...

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[Solved] The Simple Meaning of Complex Rates of Return [Solved] The Simple Meaning of Complex Rates of Return
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