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The question of race and white privilege in America

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The question of race and white privilege in America

The question of race and white privilege in America


Watch a fascinating talk about race and privilege by Tim Wise and get extra credit. What? A fascinating talk by author and speaker Tim Wise that took place at SMCCD last week. Why? To learn and think more about race and privilege (and maybe even get some good ideas for your final essay on Topdog/Underdog), broaden your mind, get inspired, AND earn extra credit. What could be better? How? Watch the whole talk (90 minutes) then write a 1.5-2 page paper (follow all formatting requirements) that summarizes his ideas, arguments, and purpose; discusses three things that you learned about race and privilege from watching this talk and explores how these affect your life; discusses (in detail and using a quote from Wise and a quote from the play) how the talk is related to Suzan-Lori Parks’ play, Topdog/Underdog. I will e-mail you the video link for you to make comment on according to the writing prompt. Also I will attach the book of Topdog Under dog by Lori Parks so you could relate this to the video as it require in the prompt to compare this two. Heres of the video that the author needs to watch. Also attached here with is a short story where the author needs to compare the talked from the video to this short story called Topdog/Underdog by Suzan Lori Park http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/46642850#

NameCourseInstructorDateThe question of race and white privilege in AmericaWise seeks to highlight on the relations between race and privilege in America, where Wise jokingly mentions that it is even rare for college presidents to attend meetings where there are talks about white male supremacy. The question of race in the American society also looks into ways through which this has influenced the speaker’s life. Even though everyone is equal before the law, the American society is structured in a way that results to white privilege.Thus, privilege is institutionalized and influences personal opinions, but ultimately this is detrimental to the society’s well-being. In Topdog/ Underdog, Booth and Lincoln represent the marginalized poor black men who result to trickery to earn money, and who also resent the dominant White establishment. The question of race may not feature prominently in many education circles, but for the American people to evaluate their positions on race, they have to assess the extent to which they are receptive to ideas from people of different races. For instance, a black speaker talking about racism would get different reactions to that of a white speaker. Essentially, preconceived notions and assumptions about other people, or experiences with them often clouds one’s judgment and one may...

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The question of race and white privilege in America The question of race and white privilege in America
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