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The Personal Value of Social Networking as a General Concept

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The Personal Value of Social Networking as a General Concept

The Personal Value of Social Networking as a General Concept

Now that we have watched the film adaption of an actual event—the creation of arguably the most used social networking site—I find it interesting that Mark Zuckerberg seems to lack personal social skills. Perhaps it follows then that the *anonymity* of an internet site was the genesis for its creation? In any case: 1) Do you think that due to the exponential growth of Facebook to the #1 social media position—1 billion and counting members in 250+ countries—and with other social networking sites—Twitter, Google+, Tumblr, etc.--—in abundance, is there a *personal responsibility* factor that should be considered and/or addressed in private>public forums? In other words, in its quest for “being ahead of the curve” and expanded reach offering the user the multiple options of what to include—or not—do such social media sites place the user in a security/privacy concern area? Why or why not? 2) Facebook aside, what is the personal value to you of social networking as a general concept? Do you participate in it? Why or why not? Your task here is to ask yourself and answer either of the above questions, using your research sources and/or any other research that you find. This is your final essay project for 150 points. The format should be APA style, four (4) pages minimum, with in-text citations + corresponding References page entries that come from the sources that you discovered in your library assignment/research. Make this your own statement; there are no *right* or *wrong* answers, but present your choices and thoughts carefully, as this represents a relative topic that most of you make use of daily in one form or another. Works Cited (for the film): The Social Network. Dir. David Fincher. Perf. Jeffrey Eisenberg, Andrew Garfield. Columbia, 2010. DVD.
The Personal Value of Social Networking as a General ConceptNameInstitutionSubjectInstructorDate Personal Value of Social Networking as a General ConceptIf there is one development of the 21st century that sets it apart from all others preceding it, it is the revolution in information technology. The medieval period had its powerful kings and monarchs, the 20th century its two World Wars, but their impact on world history pales in comparison with the lifestyle-changing and cultural revolutionary effect of social networking sites. The film The Social Network directed by David Fincher portrays the social and intellectual effect of social networking in today`s generation. Personally, the social network has affected my life both intellectually and socially, in ways that I find to be beneficial and life-enriching. As a student, I can argue that social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Myspace and Yahoo provide more convenient learning platforms where I share ideas and knowledge, as well as interact with friends and classmates. As a general concept, therefore, I find social networking valuable because it not only allows me access to vast knowledge resources, but also enriches my social life by expanding my social contacts and list of friends. I like social networking sites because they help me stay in the loop with regards to keeping abreast of new events and trending topics. The way people access and utilize information has changed drastically over the years following the invention of the Internet (Gray & Linsiky, 2009, p. 1). For instance, more people depend on the Internet to get news as opposed to buying newspapers. Among younger adults, the Internet is their primary space for interaction and socialization. The following table illustrates the prevalence of social networking within this group.  (Source: Mashable, 2010).Recognizing this shift in people`s behavior, media houses have embraced social networking sites such as Yahoo, Twitter, and Facebook to expand their consumer base. Consequently, I actively engage in social networking to remain updated with current news and unfolding events. A good example is the recent Arab Spring Revolution, in which protesters used social sites to inform the world about their movement. Most people around the world learned of what was going on through internet-based social sites. In this regard, I find social networking a useful tool for accessing news and information. The educational value of intern...

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The Personal Value of Social Networking as a General Concept The Personal Value of Social Networking as a General Concept
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