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The Myth of the American Outlaw

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The Myth of the American Outlaw

The Myth of the American Outlaw

1. Chose an Outlaw movement, society, issue or individual on which to research and write. You may go as far back as the “utlatagus” of Robin Hood`s England, or you may look at outlaw groups such as mercenaries, bikers, gangsters and mafia dons, artists, molls and female outlaws, gangsta rappers, outlaw country stars, punk rock bands, suffragettes, civil rights activists or any other individuals or groups that fit the bill. You can look into negative manifestations of the idea (hoodlums, robbers, murderers-for-hire) or more positive outlaws who might be in contempt of the laws of society but not those of morality (those for social justice, leaders in the arts, culture and social change, those who go against the grain of consumerism and greed). There are many options – just make sure that you can defend your selection of an “outlaw” by the terms and ideals that we have used to identify them over the course of the class. 2. In your essay, you must include your understanding of why this movement/issue/person is or was considered an outlaw – or not. It is a good idea to provide a context or understanding of the socially accepted norm or rules that this outlaw broke or flouted. What was the outlaw you have selected responding to? 3. Look at the forms of expression that the subject of your essay made use of and discuss them. How do the forms of expression (dress, attitude, writing, speech, actions, philosophies, practices, rituals and their own societal codes and rules) reveal the beliefs of your selected subject? If you are looking into an issue or movement, then look into the ways that it is projected, interpreted and discussed. 4. Formulate an argument based upon your research. Remember that in order to present an argument, “you must have a specific, detailed thesis statement that reveals your perspective, and, like any good argument, your perspective must be one which is debatable” (OWL at Purdue). Keep in mind that each outlaw movement and individual had a reality that was much different than how that movement or individual was portrayed in the mass media and society at large. For example, perhaps you want to look into how a film like “The Wild One” had an effect on both the popular perception of biker clubs and also on how the clubs portrayed themselves in an attempt to fulfill those expectations. What happened first? Did the film create the persona of the delinquent outlaw biker which was copied by the clubs, or was the popular culture biker myth based on a real (albeit exaggerated) figure? It`s up to you to state your case clearly and then prove it using a variety of credible, well-researched sources to support your thesis. Requirements. • At least 7 full pages of text. • MLA format (see your handbook for assistance) • Separate Annotated Works Cited page. • Sufficient in-text citations from at least six (6) credible, varied sources. These sources should be contemporary, in-depth and in a variety of formats (online journals, films, books, interviews, etc) No encyclopedias, dictionaries or unvetted online sources (blogs, wikis, etc.)
Student`s Name:Professor`s Name:Course Code:Date:The myth of American OutlawReform associations proliferated in the United States of America in the late eighteenth and the early nineteenth centuries. These reforms addressed various issues such as abolition of slavery, reform of vegetarianism, phonetic spelling and seamen. The social protests often seemed to be outbursts that were short lived which were mounted by loosely groups that were connected and regionally rooted while emphasizing on demands that were local (King & Haveman 497). However, after a period of time, social protests became sustained, organized formerly, transcended into the neighborhoods and based their target at a distant. Their existed several social movements in America such as the antislavery societies, women`s rights association and temperate unions whose initiative was to forge extensive unions that resulted to the development of nationwide network of reformers , thus resulting to establishment of routines that were flexible and helped in facilitating sustained protest and mobilization. The most influential social movement was the one titled anti-slavery movement which was triggered by the development of media.Antislavery in AmericaIn the years between 1740 to 1840, antislavery movement became modernized due to its spread among the young nations commencing from Maine to North Carolina to Massachusetts and finally to Ohio. It developed as a contentious repertoire of acts such as publications, protests and petitions that were used in different locations by reformers. This movement like any other needed some resources both tangible and intangible. This included resources such as, infrastructure funding, human resource, expertise, publicity and the organizing templates (King & Haveman 501) .In order to acquire these resources the movement had to rely on established social institutions and communication networks that were always viewed as powerful communication networks. The ant slavery movement was not viewed as an outlaw because it collaborated with various organizations such as educational institutions, churches, professional associations which helped via providing important resources to support this movement. For example, many of the churches were in support of the abolitionist movement. It was believed that the original abolitionists were the reformed Presbyterians where as the Quakers had united against slave trade despite their national organizations ruling. Some preachers of this church preached against slavery thus passing important information to a wider society.According to Guasco, by the end of the 1814 summer, Edward Coles had already anticipated the termination of his term as a private secretary of President James Madison`s and had started contemplating about his future career (17). He committed himself by liberating the enslaved women and men that he had inherited six years earlier from his father and was ready to consider options that would enable him to purs...

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The Myth of the American Outlaw The Myth of the American Outlaw
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