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The Movie Glory

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The Movie Glory

The Movie Glory


Need a 5 paragraph essay on the movie Glory. 1st paragraph is an introduction 2nd paragraph a scene reflection 3rd paragraph another scene reflection 4th paragraph about one of the main characters-traits and some emotional aspects as to their reasons/journey through the war 5th paragraph conclusion and review of movie and historical truths

NameInstructorSubjectDateReview of the Movie Glory by Edward ZwickThe movie “Glory,” written by Kevin Jarre and directed by Edward Zwick, is about the operation of the 54th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry in the Battle of Antietam, the first participation of black soldiers in the American Civil War. The movie portrays the attitudes of Whites toward Blacks, especially with regards to how they viewed them as inferior and unsuited for combat duties. This is seen from the tendency to assign black soldiers non-combative duties and reluctance to induct them as active soldiers. As the movie progresses, however, the blacks prove themselves as dedicated soldiers committed to self-liberation from slavery. In this regard, besides the portrayal of subtle racism directed at African-Americans, “Glory” is also a celebration of the courage and self-sacrifice of the first soldiers who fought in the civil war. This essay highlights two major scenes from the movie that portray the negative attitudes of the Whites toward Blacks, even among those who claimed to be liberal-minded and opposed to slavery. In addition, it discusses the character of Private Silas Trip (Denzel Washington), a black volunteer soldier, and his role in the movie.One of the major scenes in the movie “Glory” is the point where Colonel Shaw (Mathew Broderick) argues with Major Forbes (Cary Elwes) over the seemingly brutal way in which black recruits were being trained. In the argument, Major Forbes explains that he doesn`t think the blacks will be ever allowed to fight at the frontline, and therefore it is pointless training them as combat soldiers. This confession by Major Forbes, a white person, not only portrays the manner in which black soldiers were regarded lowly during th...

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The Movie Glory The Movie Glory
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