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[Solved]The impact of the stock market on bond rating changes.

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[Solved]The impact of the stock market on bond rating changes.

Topic: The impact of the stock market on bond rating changes.



State clearly the importance of your project, preferably backed up by some references; research problem (why you choose to study and address the topic), contributions, main research objective and question.  Please do not let the reader wait till the Methodology chapter to know exactly the aims of your project.


Literature review:

It is important to develop a coherent and analytical argument with a good flow, rather than just giving a list of theories, like what I often call a “shopping list”.  The literature can be categorised under themes and must be related to your own research questions/objectives.  



Justify your choice of methods, rather than just giving the definitions of research philosophy.  It is important to explain the conceptual framework that you have applied. 

 Also, please explain exactly how you carried out the research, i.e. (1) how did you design and administrate the interview questions or questionnaire, (2) what is your sampling method; (3) how did you collect the data and analyse the data, (4) how did you ensure and evaluate the quality of your research; (5) ethical consideration and (6) limitations. 


Findings and data analysis:

The presentation of findings and analysis may be slightly different between a quantitative and qualitative project.  For a quantitative study, you can present the findings first and then move on to the data analysis chapter.  For a qualitative study, you can integrate findings and analysis.  Importantly, please crystallise the data under some themes.  Also, you should use some excerpts from interviews as evidence to support the analysis.  Please do not forget to link the analysis with the literature you have reviewed.  In an excellent dissertation, students develop their own theoretical framework, based on the findings and analysis. 


Conclusions and recommendations:

Relate the recommendations to your own findings.  In a good dissertation, students generally give rather specific details on implementation plan.


Typical Project Report Structure


This may have slight variation dependent on the type of project, however the following is a general example:-


-          Cover Page: The title of your degree, title of your project, your name and student ID

-          Executive Summary/Abstract - 2nd page: approx. 250 words

-          Contents Page  - 3rd page (to include Table of Contents, List of Figures)

  • Introduction
    • Background, aim(s) & objectives of the project, and a clear statement of your research question
  • Literature Review:
    • A summary of the most important pieces of previous research: at least 25 references
  • Methodology
    • Description of methods you intend to use and a justification for your choice of methods
  • Main Chapters with numbered Chapter Headings and Subheadings
    • 2 or 3 chapters forming the main part of your report and containing analysis
  • Conclusions
  • List of References
    • Using Harvard convention and alphabetically ordered

-          Appendices


Preferred style of the Project Report


  • Single sided word processed
  • Adequate left margin for binding
  • Font should by Times New Roman or Arial (point 12)
  • Line spacing should be 1.5 or double
  • Written in the 3rd person (avoid “I”, “you” etc)
  • Written in an academic style (avoid journalistic/sales type of speech/slogans/slang etc.)
  • Written with enough clarity that someone OTHER than your Project Supervisor will be able to follow the work you have done.  (note:  the Dissertation will be 2nd marked by another lecturer in the subject area of your project, and reviewed by one or more external examiners)
  • Spell checked and grammar checked
  • Proof read (this is not the responsibility of your Project Supervisor)
  • Pages should be numbered


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[Solved]The impact of the stock market on bond rating changes. [Solved]The impact of the stock market on bond rating changes.
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