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[Solved]The House on Mango

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[Solved]The House on Mango

The House on Mango

I have to read book about “the house on Mango Street” for Sandra Cisneros. We have to divide the book into three sections: pages 1-45, 46-94, and 95-134. I know you might haven`t the book I got the summaries of the book on this website http://www.sparknotes.com/lit/mangostreet/ from this website will be sections 1-17, 18-29, 30-44. We have to analysis and explain in our own words. We do not have to do book report or simply summarize the contents of the passage. We have to go beyond it somehow, analyze it, and offer thoughts. I already analyzed pages 1-45 or sections 1-17, so you don`t have to do this part. I want you to do one page from sections 18-29, and another page from section 30-44. For example in the first part sections 1-17, I wrote about the narrator is young and tired of moving from place to place. She lived in poor neighborhood with her large family, and she complaint about not has everything like everybody else. Also I wrote about of how she felt lonely and isolated. ***So, from sections 18-29 I want you to write about the narrator became womanhood and her Hispanic culture and her time when she got molested and…….***And from sections 30-44 I want you to write about what happened at the end of the story is it bad or happy ending. This is really important to me…..thank you..
“The House on Mango”Name:Course:Professor Name:(March 19, 2012). “The house on mango”Having been born in Latin America, but raised up in the Mango Street, Esperanza felt much disoriented. She experienced tough time to adopt the new environment, which was extremely strange to her. She felt very sorry for her friends who were living in the poor Latin neighborhood, now that she had a chance to taste real life in Chicago. In addition she was never satisfied with her life in Mango Street since according to her it was not friendly and welcoming. She was ashamed of herself and never really integrated with other children in the neighborhood. The feeling of shame is rather self-imposed; the people do not try to embarrass her. Esperanza must therefore overcome the negative feeling she has on herself and also the overcome the obstacles the society has set up so as to succeed. People`s behavior in the new environment made her extremely uncomfortable. For instance her first job experience which included some molestation of a kind never pleased her. She has allowed a boy push her into the water flowing out of an open. Although it`s seen as ...

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[Solved]The House on Mango [Solved]The House on Mango
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