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[Solved]The Holy Quran: How are Moslems Supposed to fight?

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[Solved]The Holy Quran: How are Moslems Supposed to fight?

The Holy Quran: How are Moslems Supposed to fight?


The assignment is answering the question after read the source reading document. I will attach the document in next page. I see it includes 5 questions in the bottom of reading document. You will answer for each one. The answer of each question is not required in essay format. It should be in paragraph format. For more detail requirement: Here are some specific do`s and don`ts: 1. DO NOT include the reading sample in your submission. I only want the answers turned in. 2. You should write the question, then answer it. Don`t combine the answers into one long answer. 3. Answer in your own words. There is no need to go to any other source material. Just tell me what you think. 4. Spend some time thinking about your answer. Don`t just throw an answer together and slap it down on paper. Put some thought in your answer. 5. Don`t ask me how long every answer should be. The answer is simple: long enough to thoroughly answer the question. None of the questions I have asked can be answered in less than a paragraph.


Name Tutor Course Date The Holy Qur`an 1. How are Moslems supposed to fight? Muslims have been permitted to fight people who fight them; however, the fight should be in the way of God. Islam does not allow Muslims to be aggressors because God does not love the act of aggressiveness. Here, it can be considered that Muslims are not supposed to begin any form of the fight unless they are fought, because doing so will be regarded as a form of aggressiveness that is forbidden by God.


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[Solved]The Holy Quran: How are Moslems Supposed to fight? [Solved]The Holy Quran: How are Moslems Supposed to fight?
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