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[Solved] The effects of social media on college (university) students engagement and grades.

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[Solved] The effects of social media on college (university) students engagement and grades.

The effects of social media on college (university) students engagement and grades.

the proposal due on 24th research paper due on 25th !!! yes, i need the proposal on 23rd midnight, the paper on 25th during the day I need a research paper on the topic(the effects of social media on college students engagement and grades) and also a proposal for this research paper 1.research paper 1200 – 1800 words, excluding references Write a short research essay on a topic related to social media (Twitter or Facebook). Your research should include five (5) scholarly articles or Scholarly (Peer Reviewed) Journals Remember to use the writing techniques (from Giltrow et al.) that we have studied this semester. such as levels of generality reporting expressions citation gist summary and orchestrating voices 2.Research Proposal and Preliminary Bibliography Provide a brief 2-3 page proposal that sets out a plan for your research essay. The proposal consists of three parts: 1) A short paragraph that introduces your topic and research question. 2) A literature review that indicates how your preliminary sources will contribute to your paper. 3) A list of three references as your preliminary bibliography. Remember the key elements of a strong thesis statement – main point, purpose, scope. I want about 1250words for research paper and 400words for proposal I am a English learner,so my writing level is low for a university student, so please make the work easy to read and sample in structure without too much "fancy words" thanks a lot, if there is any problem with my instruction, please message me
Effects of Social Media on University Students Engagement and GradesName:Institution:Effects of Social Media on University Students Engagement and GradesResearch ProposalIntroductionThe introduction of computer technology has had great impacts to education sector with many colleges and university students use social media as form of engagement and in improving their grades (Carini et al, 2006). Additionally, lecturers also used social media in enhancing students` engagement. For instance, lecturers encourage their students to use twitter and other social media such as facebook to conduct their discussions as explained by Junco et al (2011). Hence, through the use of class group sites, these students are able to conduct group discussion despite their location differences. Therefore, based on the increase use of social media in education, this paper provides the proposed research questions that would be used to conduct the proposed research project. Moreover, it finalizes with a brief literature review of some of the literature materials that will be used during the research study.Research QuestionWhat are the effects of social media on college or university students` engagement and grades?Literature ReviewDuring the research period, a number of literature materials would be used to enhance the collection of adequate data for the generation of accurate research findings. For instance, Junco et al (2011) would be use as it contains sufficient information on the effects of certain social media such as twitter towards engagement and better performance on university students. Similarly, Bart (2011) who also echoed on the importance of social media to university students will be used to provide information on how various university lecturers and professors do use social media in improving their students` grades and engagements. Also supporting the use of media among university and college students is Tarantion et al (2013). According to Tarantino et al (2013), the use of social media among students have made it easy for most students to improve their level of understanding as they do involve in discussion and consultation even when they are at home. Hence, this document will also play an important role as far as the collection of information on the importance of social media is concern. On the slip side, Hrastinski (2009), although does not support the use of media among students like the other authors but provide information on some of the theories of online that both students and lecturers should learn and understand before using social media as a form of learning material. Among the literature materials to be use also compost of Carini et al (2006) literature material that also provide various importance of social media towards education. According to Carini et al (2006), use of social media help in promoting relationship and interaction among students and lectures, which in the process improves students` understanding and skills.References:Bart, M. ...

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  • Title: [Solved] The effects of social media on college (university) students engagement and grades.
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[Solved] The effects of social media on college (university) students engagement and grades. [Solved] The effects of social media on college (university) students engagement and grades.
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