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Thank you for confirming this order. I look forward to receiving a draft in Microsoft WORD format on or before Wednesday June 12th as was guaranteed. If you have any questions or concerns with this deadline or any other aspect of this order please advise asap. The Outline is as follows: 5-6 pages typed, double-spaced, circa 1500 words; 12 point font, with 1 inch margins, proper footnoting (end-notes), bibliography in University of Chicago Manual of Style. 1. Topic – The“Dark” Ages (in the context of the early middle ages; 476 – 1000). Was the social, political, and economic climate of this epach any darker than modern times? The paper must compare modern times (focusing on the 20th century – Hitler, WW2, Nuclear War, Cold War, and the 21st Century Terrorism) to the era of the dark ages (between 476 – 1000) and contrast the social, economic and political climates of these two epochs to answer the question: What made the “Dark Ages” (between 476 – 1000) any “darker” than modern ages? By Dark Ages it must stay contained within the particular timeframe of the fall of the Roman Empire (476) and about 1000 AD) Don`t discuss the later or “higher” middle ages after about 1000 AD as this was a different era. A comparison will be made along these domains of historical reference (political, social, economic ) with those events in the 20th century – an epoch of “supposed advancement “in mankind that was actually marked by abhorrent events perhaps much darker than the period of 476-1000 often called the Dark Ages. The questions to explore is “How far have we really came since the Dark Ages”. “Were they really much “darker” than modern times?” “In terms of the relative decline/advancement of the human race how better off were we 1000 years after these when we wook at the 20th and 21st centuries?” “Have we come a long way?” Has there been advancements in human “flourishing” and “enlightenment”? Is the human race doomed to a perpetual history marked by mankinds ascent in a moral and ethical maturity/knowledge only to be followed by an inevitable and rapid degeneration into a base state of barbarity? What brings about this barbarity? Is it the Economic conditions? Religious strife? Politics? Social unrest? Or a combination of all these things… The focus of this parper must be the Dark Ages. Describe the political, economic and social climate of this epoch. What made it so dark? What did it look like along these domains? Then the papers conclusion should draw in some reference to events of the 20th century. An attempt will be made to illustrate if mankind has in fact progressed though the renaissance into a new“brighter era” of human flourishing? If we really were “enlightened” or if the 20thcentury is proof that mankind has not “grown up” in the 1000 or so years since the “Dark Ages” ***Important note: IT IS IMPERTIVE That at least 3 Primary sources are required. Scholarly Articles are NOT considered primary sources. However, If you find a scholarly artical that contains a reference to a primary source this can be used as a primary source. To illustrate only the following are eligible to be considered to count as 1 of the 3 required Primary Sources - historical sites, castles, battlefields, artifacts, ruins or buildings, transcribed original documents, and anything directly from the times being written about. These need to be from the epoch being discussed and they must be analyzed in the paper to describe what`s being discussed. These sources can be from the internet if reputable and properly cited using Chicago format and/or the library. You don`t have to visit Europe to get these but do need to use 3 or more primary sources as mentioned above. The Dark Ages is period is characterized by a relative scarcity of historical and other written records at least for some areas of Europe, rendering it obscure to historians. It may be difficult to find Primary Sources for this era. Please be advised. Beside 3 or more Primary Sources the paper must use at least 3 Secondary sources which can be books, scholarly articles, etc. Possible Secondary Sources: Wells, Peter S. (2008-07-14). Barbarians to Angels: The Dark Ages Reconsidered. W. W. Norton. López, Robert Sabatino (1959). The Tenth Century: How Dark the Dark Ages?. Rinehart. Herbermann, Charles G. "The Myths of the `Dark` Ages,"The American Catholic Quarterly Review, Vol. XIII, 1888. Magevney, Eugene. "Christian Education in the `Dark Ages`," The American Catholic Quarterly Review, Vol. XXIII, January/October 1898
THE EARLY DARK AGES COMPARED TO THE MODERN TIMES Name: Professor Name: Course Title: Date: Introduction Early dark ages are also referred to early middle ages. Specifically early ages refer to the period between 476 – 1000AD. It is estimated that during that period the man was still evolving and little at that time can be compared to the modern man. There are many aspects about the early ages that totally differ from what exists presently. Man, during the early ages, has been known to survive and exist along primitive conditions of living characterized by poor methods of carrying out daily activities. It can be generalized as cultural deterioration of the dark ages. In this context, daily activities refer to the social, economical and political climate existing during the early ages.[When Were the Dark Ages? History Network. http//www.hnn.us/articles/when-were-dark-ages. (Accessed on 10th June, 2013)] The political organization of early ages was very much poor (poor administration) and restricted to prominent, powerful and strong members of the society. Socially, early man, in this case the man, who lived between 476 and 1000AD, led a primordial social life, with less of religious organizations such as churches1. His social life cannot be compared to the contemporary social life. Another aspect of great interest and speculation of the early man is the economy at that time. Economically, there was less of trade and industry. The existing ones were restrictive and limited to locality and domestic economics. At this moment in time, pone can easily notice that this is the main reason why the period is referred to as dark early ages. The word ‘dark` has been used to refer to how primitive the way of life of man was at that time.[Swan, Richard. The Dark Ages Were A Lot Lighter Than We Give Credit To Them. October, 2012. http://www.independent.co.uk/voices/our-voic...

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