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The Customer Service Perspective: bus 499 mod 2 slp (bus499mod2slp).

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The Customer Service Perspective: bus 499 mod 2 slp (bus499mod2slp).

The Customer Service Perspective: bus 499 mod 2 slp (bus499mod2slp).

Module_2slp.docx bus499mod1slp.doc Module 2 - SLP The Customer Service Perspective For Module 2, consider your organization`s mission and strategy from the perspective of its potential, prospective, and present customers. In this section of the assignment you`ll begin to identify objectives and measures relevant to that perspective. Refer back to this presentation on objectives if you need to. Assignment Expectations: Once you`re reasonably clear on what`s involved, think about your organization and its customers/clients/users/service recipients/whatever-you-wish-to-call-them, and then: • Identify at least three objectives for the organization`s customer service perspective and show how they relate to the mission, vision and strategy of the organization. • For each objective, develop at least one meaningful performance measure (metric). • For each objective, identify at least one expected level of performance (target). • For each objective, identify at least one new action or program that needs to be developed to ensure successful implementation of the organization`s strategy (initiative). • Comment briefly on the relationships of the customer service objectives that you`ve identified here to the financial objectives that you identified in the Module 1 SLP assignment. How do they help to fulfill those objectives? If they don`t (and they don`t have to), what makes them more important than objectives that would relate to finances? • Finally, do you wish to make any changes to your Module 1 objective write-up in light of your Module 2 experience? Here`s a table that you may wish to copy and fill in (the boxes are expandable - take all the space you need to be complete in your descriptions. No more than 2-3 pages should be necessary.) Objective Measure Target Action Relationships to other objectives Revisions (if any) to Module 1 Objectives Objective/Module Measure Target Action =======================
NAME OF THE STUDENT COURSE TUTOR INSTITUTION DATE The Customer Service Perspective Customer service is defined as the ability of an organization to supply the needs and wants of its customers. This includes the contact between the two parties and the result can either be a negative perception by the customer or a positive perception. These customers can be internal or external and depending with how they are treated the organization adds total value to them as it maximizes its benefits (Customer Service Manager, 2010). Customer service in my organization will aim at providing clear standards to the customers as much as to the staff on what is expected of them so that the needs of the customers are catered for unbiased. When the standars are clearly set excellent service is achieved and effective communication between the staff and the customers is acquired. The information and feedback from the customers is used to gauge the performance of the organization and improve services, on the other hand increasing the resources required. Once these objectives are met the organization is assured of excellent services of high standard given to its customers thus their delight. There is also maximized satisfaction drawn to the service providers and the recepients from the service quality (West Lancashire BC, 2010). In an organization customer service plays a major role in portraying the core values, vision and mission of the organizatio...

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The Customer Service Perspective: bus 499 mod 2 slp (bus499mod2slp). The Customer Service Perspective: bus 499 mod 2 slp (bus499mod2slp).
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