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[Solved] The Country Wife by Wycherley William

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[Solved] The Country Wife by Wycherley William

The Country Wife by Wycherley William


I will post the prompt for the Theater assignment. There are 4 parts to answer the question for the assignment. The instructor said each part can be answered in paragraph form and that it should only take about one page to answer each part. Since there are 4 parts within the question that would mean that the assignment must 4 pages, however since the instructor stated that he also wants a bibliography. For that reason, I chose a total of 5 pages in this order. As for the sources, the instructor included 2 sources in his prompt but he wants at least 3 more sources for a total of 5 sources. Below is the Theater Assignment prompt given by Theater Instructor: Introduction to Theatre 100: Students your Theater assignment is to analyze the play production of the "Country Wife" by William Wycherly. Below I have posted a link where you can watch the Theatre production on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mnqwh344eT8 I have also listed below where you can find two different printed versions of the text of the play. Printed Version 1: http://publish.uwo.ca/~shroyer/authors/Wycherley/texts/country_wife.html Printed Version 2: http://faculty.winthrop.edu/vorderbruegg/winthropweb/current/scripts/CountryWife--acting%20version--revised.pdf Your Theater assignment question has four parts: Part (1): Based on the BBC production, what is the theme of "Country Wife" and how is it developed in the script? Part (2): At one time, Country Wife was banned from the stage. Based on the BBC production, what parts of "Country Wife" do you think led to the ban and how were they handled in the production? Please give five examples from the script. Part (3): What is the importance of William Wycherly to the history of Theatre? Please mention any direct influence he had. Part (4): One of the printed scripts is listed as an "acting version." Which of the two scripts do you believe would be better on stage? Why? Please give detailed examples from the scripts which you believe support your opinion. Instructor`s Note: Please remember to include footnotes, any annotations, and a bibliography. I expect a minimum of three research sites other than the ones listed in the question.

Name:Instructor:Course:Date:The Country Wife by Wycherley, William (1640-1716)One of the key themes of Country Wife which come out quite clearly from the script is the failure of the restoration arrangement of the marriages in the society. William Wycherley worked the script and brought out some two marriages that are seen as the perfect examples in the play where the marriage restoration arrangements have proven untenable (Lowe). One of the characters in the script called Jack Pinchwife is seen to take advantage of the wife’s ignorance as a means of making sure that she was submissive to him. This way the wife is taken not to understand what is at stake, and most of what is important to her is her husband and how happy he was in the relationship. The other character drawn from the play is called Sir Jasper Fidget, who is seen to neglect his wife and all her needs while at the same time he is trying to make sure that he brings out an image that indicates that he is into the idea of pleasing the wife. In his futile attempts, he concentrates on the trivial aspects of the relationship in a bid to make sure that the wife does not go out with the other men. For Jasper, keeping the wife busy with simple pleasures is the ultimate strategy to make sure that she does not go out and cheat (Cudd). These two marriages illustrate the fact that William Wycherley, for one to maintain a good relationship with their lives, all they have to do is to make sure that they keep their wives in ignorance and neglect them once in a while pretending to care about their feelings. This assumption is beaten by the fact that, even the women need to feel that they are appreciated and depriving them of their sexual gratification will only be a recipe for seeing other people outside marriage. Later in the play, a character called Horner is seen to influence the breakup of the marriages around him, as they are based on untenable foundation. Horner goes on to say that the jealous husbands are the catalyst for their downfall, as they make their wives hate them.For more than 170 years, the play had been banned from being screen played. One of the aspects of the play that lead it to be pulled under the mat was due to the strong indications of the anti-puritan ideologies. The play is also rich with sexual language that is quite suggestive and spreads to the theme of marriage in the society. At the center of the play is the notorious womanizer that is seducing the married women in the city of London. Pinchwife and Jasper find themselves in a tight spot as they try to make sure their wives do not fall prey to the tricks of the notor...

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[Solved] The Country Wife by Wycherley William [Solved] The Country Wife by Wycherley William
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