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[Solved] The black pearl article

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[Solved] The black pearl article

The black pearl article

This is a critique essay format: Your Name ESL 015 R. A. van Compernolle R. Fye Critique essay 2/21/2012 Title of your essay Start your essay here, first line indented, text double-spaced, using Times New Roman font, size 12. The first line of each paragraph is indented 0.5” .... Steps to Follow: 1. Select an article to critique – This could be from sources such as a database, a scholarly journal, newspaper, or from The Blair Reader. Use the resources shown you in the library to find an article.  If you prefer, you may work in groups of 2-3 on the same article. 2. Read and reread your selected essay and write out a brief summary of it.  (Reread this article several times critically) 3. Develop an outline with your partner/group members.  (Or individually if you choose to do so) 4. Write a 2-3 page (double-spaced) essay from the outline. 5. Make Sure to cite appropriately and include a Reference List at the end. 6. Look at attached rubric of how I will grade your essays. (Rubric is based on page 231 of IF)  (Focus on Content/Organization for the first draft!) 7. PROOFREAD your own essay. I WILL NOT ACCEPT drafts that have not been proofread; they will be returned to you and marked incomplete. 8. Bring an electronic copy of your draft to class next Monday. Remember: ✩In each of your body paragraphs, you should include the three elements: your point(opinion), evidence from the essay, and explanation of why the evidence supports your point. You can either paraphrase or quote the evidence directly. - You can also suggest what could have been done to make the argument stronger. Remember that your critique can be positive as well as negative. Example for body paragraph: The author uses many statistics to prove his point, but he fails to indicate his course (Point).He notes that one out of two marijuana smokers go on to use more dangerous drugs (Evidence); however, he never says how he acquires the information, nor does he include a reference at the end of the article. If no sources are acknowledged for statistics, the reader casts doubt on his entire argument (Explanation). Critique Essay Evaluation Criteria Proficient Not Insufficient Proficient Evidence Content: Logic of introduction and thesis Support for thesis Analysis of author`s ideas Organization: Thesis in paragraph 1 Topic sentences Paragraph and essay coherence Style: Paraphrasing Use of quotations Clarity, conciseness, precision Mechanics: Standard English Grammar Punctuation, capitalization, spelling Citation of sources Format: APA Formatting (as demonstrated in class) Author, title, source, date Paragraphing Reference List at end of essay Overall Evaluation: Comments: SCORE of /100 please pick any two articles on "the black pearl" and write a critique on it and send me the link of both articles so that I can reference it.
THE BLACK PEARLName: Khalid AlSuwaidiCourse: ESL 015Professor Name: VAN COMPERNOLLE, REMI(March 9, 2012)A Critique to the Black Pearl Ship, a Jewel of the pacificThe Black Pearl Ship, popularly referred to as the jewel of the Pacific is a very contemporary and modern ship. On the contrary, the ship is a clear illustration that the Cruise Liners only are continuing to dump the outdated cruise ship on uninformed traveling public in order to maximize their profits. The ship only contains little redeeming factors. For example, the public lounges and areas are very gorgeous. It has airy and spacious restaurant with a very attractive décor. Additionally, the ship contains a cute waterfront restaurant. The big major dining, which someone could, see large eight individual tables across the dining room had been removed. They had replaced this with small, few people tables which gave them flexible in catering for distinct sizes of people. The cabin of the ship is a mini suite within deck eleven. The décor was new, but the fixtures looked a beat old. The beds within the ship are very comfy. On the contrary, once the sofa bed is opened, someone is unable to get around it completely. In my perspective, this is smaller compared to the mini suites on the Dawn. In the cabin of the ship, there was an eminent problem with the air conditioning system (National Maritime Historical Society, 1998).On the basis of food offered by the cabin, the selection was lower compared to other cruises. The food is not served was not as hot as ...

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[Solved] The black pearl article [Solved] The black pearl article
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