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[Solved] Telecommunications and Information

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[Solved] Telecommunications and Information

Telecommunications and Information

The requirement : Make industry and corporate strategy Analysis for TELSTRA CORPORATION LIMITED. (TLS) and TPG TELECOM LIMITED. Both companies are listed at the Australian Stock Market. I have attached example file. The example is for Dived Jones and Harvey Norman one of the best (follow the same structure).
MBA STRATEGYName:Course:Professor Name:(April 26, 2012) MBA StrategyIndustry and Company OverviewIndustry Overview : Telecommunications and InformationTelecommunications industry plays critical part in the Australian economy, recent years has seen an upward increment in the number of subscribers taking a 20% rise from 8,420,000 to 9,569,000 subscribers considering year 2010-11, Telecom carrier Telstra is the major player providing services to smaller companies resonating with TPG, Primus, SingTel, iinet and AAPT. This paper identifies with TPG and Telstra (TLS) which offer internet service providers (ISP) and telecommunications services.Communications industry in Australia fastest growing; this is after complete deregulation in the year 2007 (Australian Security Exchange 2012). There are more than 30 players. Australia boosts highest levels of mobile ownership; and is the second after United States in the internet take-up. Australia is embracing new technology in development of digital mobile phones and digital televisions (Horak 2007). Australia will retain the leadership over decades.Users/YearInternet UsersDec-10Internet UsersDec-11TotalsInternet Users7,620,48023,927,45731,547,937PenetrationValid Percent24.16%75.84%100.00%Totals7,620,48023,927,45731,547,937Source: (TPG 2012).Competition has been stiff with the government introducing the NBN Company limited that operates designs and builds National Broadband Network (NBN), completion of the NBN implementation expected in 2015. Latest developments in the telecommunication industry resonates with submarine cables, internet, broadband, next generation and the National Broadband Network among other small scale developments in Australia. Industry CompositionTelecommunication and information industry in Australia is dynamic in nature (TLS 2012). TLS target small and medium scale enterprises (SME) in fixed telephone lines, broadband, mobile services, internet and data solutions. TPG Telecom was formed as a merger between SP Tele-media and Total Peripherals Group. TPG specializes in mobile services, internet services; fixed telephony services (TPG 2012). The company also diversified to mobile virtual network. Telco sector controls the Australian telecommunications industry.CompanyMarket CapShare PriceTotalsTeltra (TLS)$41,809 (96.73%)$3.36$41,812 ...

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[Solved] Telecommunications and Information [Solved] Telecommunications and Information
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