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[Solved] Technical Report Synopsis

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[Solved] Technical Report Synopsis

Technical Report Synopsis

Synopsis Requirement You need to submit a synopsis of your proposed Technical Report to CIBSE for approval/ comment before proceeding with your report.

 This should be submitted on this form and provide responses to each section.

 The answer to each of the FOUR sections should not exceed 250 words in length. (1000 words in total)

 You must set out clearly how you intend to demonstrate your technical knowledge and understanding.

 You must identify the engineering principles involved rather than, for example, just describing a project on which you have been working.

1. An outline of the proposed report, to include the planned structure with headings (ie a draft contents list). Your report would normally include:

 Describing a project you have been involved with, or

 An investigation or research project you have undertaken on some aspect of building services engineering. During the early stages of building design the proposed height of a building is often in flux. Where building heights are restricted to meet developer, planning or architectural requirements the location and extent of lift plant rooms are critical as these often form the topmost element of the buildings structure. There are a number of engineering solutions which could be applied to the vertical transportation lifting system to lessen the impact that the lift plant rooms may have on the planning height requirements. These solutions require careful consideration to ensure that the vertical transportation system remains code compliant and within the lift performance design criteria whilst remaining fit for purpose.

Proposed report content:

• Contents page Index setting out the contents of the report

• Introduction Background information and the reason for selecting the topic

• Key objective Identification and analysis of various lift engineering solutions which could be adapted to meet building height requirements

• Engineering Challenges Review of the challenges faced in determining a fit for purpose solution during the early design phase of a project and how these may impact on the building design and vertical transportation system

• Engineering principles Technical analysis of the engineering solutions which could be adopted to reduce the height required by the vertical transportation system

• Conclusion Review of the possible solutions and comment on their advantages & disadvantages

2. Where and how you will include the underpinning science and mathematics and associated building services engineering disciplines. This will normally include evidence of:

 Understanding of the scientific principles of your own specialisation and related disciplines

 Awareness of developing technologies related to your specialism

 Knowledge and understanding of mathematical and computer models relevant to building services engineering and an appreciation of their limitations

 Understanding of concepts from a range of areas including some outside engineering, and the ability to apply them effectively in engineering projects

3. Where and how you will include engineering analysis. This will normally include evidence of:

 Ability to use fundamental knowledge to investigate new and emerging technologies

 Ability to apply mathematical and computer-based models for solving problems in engineering, and the ability to assess the limitations of particular cases

 Ability to extract data pertinent to an unfamiliar problem, and apply in its solutions using computer based engineering tools where appropriate

4. Where and how you will demonstrate design awareness. This will normally include evidence of:

 Knowledge and understanding of design processes and methodologies and the ability to apply and adapt them in unfamiliar situations

 Ability to generate innovative solutions for products, systems, components and processes to fulfil new needs

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[Solved] Technical Report Synopsis [Solved] Technical Report Synopsis
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