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[Solved]SWOT Analysis of British Airways

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[Solved]SWOT Analysis of British Airways

* Introduction that will include:
- present oneself/the group of four
- present the topic of discussion
- use an interesting/fun fact about British Airways (e.g. their 1st flight had only one passenger)
- define the company profile
- define the SWOT Analysis concept
* 1 reference from the UK (e.g. David Hall et al. – “Business Studies, 4th ed.)

* Presenting the strengths and the weaknesses
* 1 reference from the UK

* Presenting the opportunities and the threats
* 1 reference from the UK

* Drawing the conclusion
- mention how one can use the strengths in order to take advantage of the opportunities
- mention how to overcome the weaknesses
* 1 reference from the UK

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[Solved]SWOT Analysis of British Airways [Solved]SWOT Analysis of British Airways
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