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Sustainability project Management.

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Sustainability project Management.

Below are the correction remark and assessment criteria for the assignment. The assignment and question is attach below. Module title is Sustainability project Management. CORRECTION REMARKS 1.Good discussion on the issues- some relevant factors identified and reviewed. A number irrelevant , unrelated issue should not have been included. 2. Need to provide a tender programme with detailed analysis of duration estimations based on the given date and reasonable assumptions. 3. Need to include a well completed BOQ with with detail presentation on cost estimate based on relevant sources. 4. Report is generally well organised but needs to be structured properly in sections that address the various submission requirements. ASSESSMENT CRITERIA 1. Discussing thee issues that should be considered in order to make an informed decision as to whether to proceed with the Tender or not. 2. Developing pre-tender pregramme, indicating the time schedule for the main construction activities involved. 3. Developing cost estimate of the whole project and hence the Tender price. 4. Quality of report presentation ( reasonable assumptions, references, layout, etc.)

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Sustainability project Management. Sustainability project Management.
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