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Super bowl football game

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Super bowl football game

Super bowl football game

Whether or not you choose to watch the Superbowl football game, as a marketer you should pay attention to the commercials. Choose one of those commercials for this assignment. Who is the target market of this commercial? What need does this commercial address? Is the advertiser hoping to ignite word-of-mouth activity? Is this endorsement advertising? Are any subcultures involved? (Suggestion: Refer to text book chapter 5, pp 118-119, 126-128, 131-133.) How much did this commercial spot cost? (double space , 12 points)
Super bowl football gameStudent NameSchool NameSuper bowl football gameSuper was created as a result of merger agreement between the national football leagues (NFL) and its then rival`s league American football league (AFL). It is an annual championship game of the national football league and the highest level of professional American football in the United States.This game is rated as the most frequently watched American television broadcast of the year. Super bowl is played annually and on a Sunday and this day which is marked as a national holiday is called super bowl Sunday. A lot of companies and organizations take advantage of this super moment to advertise their products and sell their image worldwide. They use commercials freq...

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Super bowl football game Super bowl football game
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