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[Solved] Summarize the story behind this book. What was it about and who wrote it?

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[Solved] Summarize the story behind this book. What was it about and who wrote it?

Warriors Don`t Cry


Instructions: Choose one of the books listed below. (You do not need the exact edition.) Read the book you choose and answer the questions assigned to each book using an essay format. This review is your opinion and analysis of the book. Do not use the Internet to get your answers. Papers with information cut and pasted from the Internet or plagiarized will earn a zero. Second offense will earn you an F in the course. Essay Questions for Warriors Don`t Cry: Summarize the story behind this book. What was it about and who wrote it? Why do you think the Little Rock Nine chose to integrate Central High? If you were living during this time would you have chosen to participate to integrate Central High? Explain you answer. Bullying is a high profile issue today. Obviously the Little Rock Nine were subject to severe bullying. How does it make you view bullying today in light of their experiences? How did Melba choose to deal with bullying? Why do you think more white students did not help or sympathize with the Little Rock Nine? If you were in Central High what do you think your response would have been to Melba and the other black students? How have you responded to incidents of bullying in your life? Explain. What do you think about the adults reactions to integration of Central High? Include examples of lawmakers, teachers, and the black community. Even though most of the Little Rock Nine students did not graduate from Central High, do you think they made a difference in integration?

Name:Course:Instructor:Date:Warriors Don’t CrySummary“Warriors Don’t Cry” is a memoir book that offers a reflection of the lives of teenage African-Americans during the 1950s in the United States. The book offers an account of severe racial discrimination and segregation that characterized this time and the nine characters, or rather; the Little Rock Nine were victims of the same. The experiences of these nine individuals represent a fundamental trial of equality and courage as the eye of American history sees.The book is written in a ‘first person’ point of view based on experiences of Melba Beals together with her eight African-American colleagues, who were being attempted to be integrated into the Central High School in Ankrass to make it an institution of people of all races as opposed to being of whites only.Melba Beals, who also takes the role of the lead protagonist by the same name, wrote the book during early 1990s before publishing it in 199. Melba is an American journalist and one of the “Little Rock Nine”. Born in Arkansas in the United States in 1941, Melba experienced firsthand and understood the impact and extent of racial segregation of blacks with lucidity and vividness.Why Little Rock Nine chose to integrateMelba and her eight peers were concerned with how racial inequality of treatment resulted in adverse effects on the quality of education they received. It was this concern that compelled the ‘Little Rock Nine’ to choose to integrate with the white students at Central High. They in fact personally volunteered to the intergration process with little knowledge of what to expect from the white community and students.It is clear that members of the “Little Rock Nine” came from backgrounds that had high regards for quality education. Consequently, a year before implementation of the integration process, the United States Supreme Court had ruled against the being of all-whites or all-black schools in the country. As such, the black teenagers saw an opportunity of appealing to better judgment by opting to study at Central High for purposes of acquiring enhanced education.Choice not to participate in integration of Central HighIt is clear that extreme tensions still existed among people of different races at the time. The occasion wherein fellow female students attack Melba with...

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[Solved] Summarize the story behind this book. What was it about and who wrote it? [Solved] Summarize the story behind this book. What was it about and who wrote it?
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