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[Solved]Strategic Management - Coursework

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[Solved]Strategic Management - Coursework

OVERVIEW OF THE TASK You are to write a report on the strategy of a ‘responsible’ company chosen by yourself. Your company should be publically listed and have operations in the UK. To meet these criteria, you should pick one of the companies listed on the FTSE4Good UK50 index. You are required to analyse your company’s strategy using the 5 P’s framework (Mintzberg, 1987). To conduct the analysis you must carry out original research. Your analysis should take the form of a critical evaluation and the report should present a clear and convincing argument

Conduct a critical evaluation: For this assignment, it is not enough to describe your company’s strategy. You will need to consider the limitations of their strategy also. The 5 P’s framework can help to you to critically evaluate your company’s strategy. For example, you may feel that your company is paying insufficient attention to one or more of the 5 P’s or that the relationships between some of the 5 P’s is problematic.

Section 1. Analysis of your company’s strategy using the 5 P’s framework

In this section, you will present the analysis of your company’s strategy. This will consist of 5 sub-sections (1.1 to 1.5), one for each of the 5 P’s. These sub-sections may vary in length depending on the emphasis that you give to each of the 5 P’s. There is no need to present the 5 P’s framework as the marking team are familiar with it. You should define key terms however. For example, you could define positioning using the definition from Mintzberg (1987), a definition from Porter (2004) or the Boston Consulting Group (Stern and Stalk, 1998).

Section 2. Critical evaluation of your company’s strategy

In this section, you will move beyond description to critically evaluate the strategy of your company. The form of the critical evaluation will depend on the analysis conducted but you may want to think about the balance between the 5 P’s in your company’s strategy or the relationship between the 5 P’s. You may even consider the relationship between your company’s strategy and its financial performance. In this section, it should be clear how the argument of the report evolved out of the analysis conducted.


The assignment brief addresses all four learning outcomes for the module, which are presented below:

a) Students will develop and demonstrate an understanding of the principal concepts, frameworks and techniques of developing corporate and business strategy and will appreciate the importance of the interdependent elements of the strategic management process.

b) They will be able to demonstrate an understanding of the issues relating to the nature of competitive advantage in national and international contexts and the prerequisites for sustainable success.

c) Students will have learned the value of critical appraisal of the relevance and use of analytical models and techniques as an aid to strategy formulation.

d) Through independent study, they will have demonstrated an ability to:

- Undertake in-depth research and investigation

- Analyse and evaluate ideas and information

- Synthesise ideas from a range of contexts

- Communicate ideas in a clearly, logically and coherently


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[Solved]Strategic Management - Coursework [Solved]Strategic Management - Coursework
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