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This is a two part assignment • Author(s)Greenblatt, Stephen (Ed.) • Edition/Copyright8TH 06 • PublisherW.W. Norton & Co. • TypePaperback • ISBN-100-393-92829-2 • ISBN-13978-0-393-92829-7 IS the book we are working out of and the only one I CANNNOT use is Jonathan Swift “A Modest Proposal” Any other work or works in the book will work I.E. " There is no natural religion",“The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock.” ,Pope`s "Rape of the Lock.
Patrick SmithEnglish 216-C05Dr. Jennie A. HarropOctober 24, 2012The Rape of the Lock: Dismal offense from amorous causesPreamblePope`s poem, The Rape of the Lock is the optimum example of mock-epic ever written. The sardonic episode is spawned in rhymed match ups of iambic pentameter. Being a master poetry, Pope is not constrained by the verse-form but rather pursues the controversial theme of fair and egotism. The rhythm of the poem is varied constantly to avoid monotony and the poem is interwoven in a resonant grammatical structure. The real fun in this masterpiece is the way Pope skewers the pretensions on 18th century portraying the arrogance and futility of the aristocratic loons (Richardson 468). In a nutshell, the mighty classic is set in a party where a baron snips a hair lock of a noble girl named Belinda who throws a tantrum and irates the whole festivity. Clarissa, who plays a sinister role in the whole prank, tries to calm Belinda but this only serves to stir the dignified girl into a fight. A scuffle ensues as both women and men attending the party begin to fight. Then abruptly the lock disappears. Pope systematically satirizes how silly and trivial events amongst the upper class in the 18th century were magnified into epic struggles between humanity and angelic forces [Thesis].The Rape of the Lock opens with all airs of irony giving the poem a brass mock-heroic tone (Sprague & Fletcher canto 1). The poet opens the poem by stirring a muse, but rather than invoking a Greek mythical muse, he leaves the muse unnamed and then proceeds to dedicate the poem to a man known as John. The first stanza gives way for the reader to establish the topical issue being addressed in the poem. A war arising from amorous causes. Unlike many other heroic stories of the past such as the Odyssey and Iliad where wars were stirred by pertinent issues, the contests in this poem are as a result of trivial amorous matters. As compared to the other wars fought in the Greek tradition this kind of war is mere flirtation (Phiddian 143). The author sets the center for stage as the rising sun awakens people living in a wealthy residence. Every one is awake save for the beautiful Belinda who lies asleep dreaming of a handsome man informing her that she is protected by innumerous inhabitants of the air. This handsome man in the dream helps Belinda to know that when a woman dies her spirit becomes water, air, earth or fire the four elements of the earth (Sprague & Fletcher canto 1). Apparently, every woman becomes elemental in relation to her personality type Termagants become fire spirits, Indecisive women become water spirits, women who delight in rejecting men become earth spirits also known as Gnomes and Coquettes become air spirits(Doherty 357).Belinda`s dream is sent by an angel called  HYPERLINK "http://www.gradesaver.com/character.html?character=33191" Ariel; this is her guardian Sylph (line 20). Belinda is guarded by Sylphs because they are acquainted with h...

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