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Spiritual Care/Theology

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Spiritual Care/Theology

Spiritual Care/Theology

continuation of order #00018927 Here is the second part of my paper. I need 3 Church Fathers from 300 to 590 CE. Instructor for sure wants Augustin, and you can choose two more: Ambrose, Benedict, Gregory the Great, or Basil the Great. Here are the instructions: Choose a writer Give brief background on writer (no more than 1 para) Find a quote from that writer on CCEL (go to the Age of the Imperial Church 300 to 590 CE fathers books written by one of the writers you chose and type in "healing" in the search bar. It will bring up all the quotes from those writers that use the word healing. Then pick a quote you like from that particular writer And then analyze the quote - what is the writer saying about healing, how does this add to your overall understanding of healing or change it, etc.
Healing: An Analysis through Church History to Current Denise Chapin Azusa Pacific University Spiritual Care GNRS 506 Renee Pozza PhD, RN, FNP-BC, CNS May 31, 2012 Healing: An Analysis through Church History to Current Healing is the most desirable outcome when one is sick in the mind, body, and soul. Physicians, Nurse Practitioners, and nurses promote healing on a daily basis. Healing can be psychological, physical, and spiritual in nature. This paper will address healing from the bible, Christian church mothers, fathers, and current nursing literature that will facilitate a nurse and advanced practice nurses in these times to heal his or her patients more successfully. The paper will also look at how this healing concept is used throughout church history starting from the Early Church History period ad through current times. Then this writer will then explore modern nursing literature. It is hopeful that this analysis of healing will help aid a full understanding of this concept word and implement this new knowledge into her advanced practice career. Definitions of Healing The verb definition of “healing” in the Webster`s online dictionary is defined as to cure, alleviate, treat, medicine, repair, ad mend. The noun definition of healing is the natural process by which the body repairs itself (https://www.websters-online-dictionary.org). The Oxford advanced learners dictionary defines healing is “the process of making somebody or something healthy again; the process of getting better after an emotional shock” ("Oxford advanced learners dictionary," 2011, p. 1). Faith healing is also defined in the Oxford advanced learners dictionary as “healing achieved by religious belief and prayer, rather than by medical treatment” ("Oxford advanced learners dictionary," 2011, p. 1). Repair is a synonym of healing meaning “to restore (something damaged, faulty, o...

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Spiritual Care/Theology Spiritual Care/Theology
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