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Speech Assignment

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Speech Assignment

Speech Assignment

Students will provide notes for a speech on the following theme: You`re a speech-writer and senior policy advisor for a national political party. Construct a speech that launches your party`s federal election campaign. Consider the theme(s), policy and focus and how it may connect with the Canadian electorate. Be careful to consider variables, such as regionalism and the first-past-the-post voting system. The speech should communicate both style and content and it should move people to want to vote for your party`s candidates. it should employ rhetorical elements that develop a connection through feelings and the intellect to its intended audience. Consider a palette of strategies in your choices in framing this speech and be careful not to merely let “facts speak for themselves.” Place this speech in context – who is giving this speech and to whom, this context should also be reflected in the content of the speech. ------ Notes: I would prefer the speech to be by the leader of the New Democratic Party campaign given during a university graduation ceremony, and please focus on issue like increasing jobs and lowering tuition and any other concerns that you may see important.
SPEECH ASSIGNMENTNameInstitution AffiliationCourseDate of SubmissionSpeech AssignmentToday, the Democratic Party, Canada`s new meritocracy is humbled to make this presentation in one of our Country`s most distinguished universities. I couldn`t have wished to be anywhere else, than here, considering that I am an alumni of this very great University. My experience thus far is very nostalgic. I came here when the Laws of liberal education of the youth, and especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds were begging to take effect in high institutions of learning, and I and our party believes that education blueprints aimed at seeing more people enjoying post secondary education are extremely wise and inevitable now, and no expense for this ends should be thought extravagant.Governments always generate less revenue during recession. A state leader thus makes up for revenue lost, and legislature cuts funding for higher education. Colleges in return, respond to these funding costs with tuition hikes. Better education is a powerful means of achieving growth that benefit all, including children from the poor families. Our policy for education is a mettle to safeguard our country‘s future and to position our youth to be globally competitive. Whatever the cost of our education policy, the price is cheap compared to that cost of an ignorant nation. Whatever Conservative has given us in the line of education is particularly acute, that which cannot competently set us over the hump.We seek to have 200,000 more students on bursaries per year over the next five years and guaranteed eligibility for 5,500 dollars student loans, regardless of the parental income. We will also do away with 50 percent per student loan for successful graduates. Further, we have committed to give 550 million dollars more every year to university based research and an extra 150 million dollars for research scientists and graduate students.Unemployment in Canada has risen to a record 51,000 jobs in the first quarter of this year, for both full time and part time jobs. The unemployment rate now stands at a constant 7.0 percent; the situation is however an improvement compared to last year with a difference of 336,000 jobs. That increase was not enough to keep up with an extensive growth in the labor market where there is still a total of 10,000 people who are officially unemployed. That increase was only occasioned in the professional, scientific and technical and hospitality and food industries. In manufacturing however, unemployment was on a decline by an excess of 25,600.The unemployment index indicates that we are looking at 10.8 percent as the real unemployment rate. For yo...

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Speech Assignment Speech Assignment
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