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[Solved] Financial Accounting & Analysis Assignment 1 Coursework

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[Solved] Financial Accounting & Analysis Assignment 1 Coursework


Financial Accounting & Analysis Assignment 1 Coursework

You are required to prepare a report which is a financial analysis of two companies listed on the FTSE. Your companies MUST be chosen from the list on page 5 – you must analyse any TWO. 

PART ONE – Introduction

Prepare an introduction that gives a brief profile of each company, its history, markets and products and a brief commentary on its key operations and recent trading background. By all means start with the company’s web-site, but do not copy and paste the information given by the company. Turnitin similarity score will pick up this. We need to see your writing, not what the company says about itself.

(20 marks – circ. 500 words)

PART TWO – Analysis

Use a selection of appropriate accounting ratios (you must choose the ratios) together with any relevant information to evaluate the relative performance and financial status of the two companies.

You should also research and discuss any factors (financial and non-financial) that has affected the companies’ performance during the periods under review. This must take into account the performance of the different segments of the businesses as shown in the annual reports as well as other relevant factors. 

This information can be obtained from Annual reports; Company websites; Trade journals and the Financial press. You must reference the source of the information that you use in this section. 

You may use ratios published within the annual reports plus ratios calculated yourself (the workings for which should be shown in an appendix). The chosen ratios should be kept to a manageable number (ideally 10) – the emphasis should be on quality rather than quantity.

The analysis must be year on year for each company plus a comparison of both companies.

(50 marks – circ.1,500 words) 

PART THREE – Sustainability Reporting

Examine the Sustainability Reporting Disclosures of the two companies you have analysed.

 Compare and contrast the usefulness and relevance of theSustainability Reporting Disclosures.

(20 marks – circ. 500 words)

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[Solved] Financial Accounting & Analysis Assignment 1 Coursework [Solved] Financial Accounting & Analysis Assignment 1 Coursework
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