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Soccer violence and hooliganism

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Soccer violence and hooliganism

Soccer violence and hooliganism

Hi there, I have to write a huge research paper which is about fan violence in soccer, hooliganism, the reason why they become violent and how politics fight against violence in europe soccer stadiums. I have done the introduction and now I need a main body which has to be very well written. The paper should be written about the following thesis statement: "Fan violence, alcohol, their solidarity to their clubs and peer pressure. Reasons for fan violence in soccer stadiums and what strives supporters becoming a rowdy." I am not allowed to use any other sources than Journal, peer reviewed articles. I will provide them to the writer as soon as my order is placed. Please read the 5 Journal articles that I will provide and write the paper based on these articles. Please reference in APA 6 style, this is very important. If you have questions, please ask me.
Soccer violence and hooliganismStudent nameSchool nameSoccer violence and hooliganism IntroductionThis paper discusses the development of football violence and hooliganism in Europe and other parts of the world. It will later address the causes of hooliganism and the effect of soccer hooliganism to the football sport and the public at large. It will finalize by looking at ways of curbing this menace and highlighting the research methodology to adopt in this research. Development of football hooliganismSoccer violence and hooliganism can be traced way back to the19th century albeit not under the name “football hooliganism”, (Gibbons, et al, 2008). However, the causes of football violence and hooliganism have not been unilaterally agreed upon by the academicians. According to Gibbons et al, (2008) much of hooliganism activities started gaining academic attention in 1960s especially in Britain where the sport was most popular. The emergence of youth subcultures that were different in behavior gained their entrance into football arenas in Britain creating segregation terraces in football stadiums.The term football hooliganism became prevalent in the 1980s and attracted media and government attention in Britain and by late 1980s there were plans to initiate anti- hooliganism measures within the police forces to curb this menace. Most cases of football hooliganism and violence were perpetrated by groups of youths and were common in Middleborough in late 1980s, (Gibbons, et al, 2008). This clearly indicates how the problem had spread and filtered into public domain with emergence of hooligan gangs such as “Frontline service screw”. Cases of violence in football has characterized many European nations for many years, for instance, in Australian soccer has been termed as the sport beleaguered by hooliganism adopted from Britain and expounded by its growth development as the most popular and admired sport in the country, (Gibbonsa et al, 2008).Football sport has been tarnished in many European countries as being a sport for organized violence and disorder stemming from ‘hooliganism disease`. Experiences of periodic soccer conflicts and rivalry between local Greek and Macedonia, or Serb and Croatia has generated a popular misconception for football fans that ethnic tensions are related football fandom, (Warren, et al, 2009).Hooliganism and related activities comes in many forms which include disorderly and threatening behavior, throwing of ‘missiles` at rival fans, racial and indecent chanting, drug and drink related offences and criminal damages. Warren, (2009) states other forms of hooliganism as being in possession of weapons, acts of assault and affray, running on the pitch, breach of peace and criminal damage among others.Adoption of sustainable and efficient crowd management strategies especially in high- risk- fixtures is essential for the safety and reputation of the soccer game. However, Garland`s (n. d) findings shows that much prog...

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Soccer violence and hooliganism Soccer violence and hooliganism
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