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Slavery in the History of the United States of America

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Slavery in the History of the United States of America

Slavery in the History of the United States of America

* Font size: 12 * Times New Roman My thesis: Slavery in the history of the United States of America is the most brutal and merciless slavery in the history. Support my thesis by giving real historic examples. *The grammar and English will be without errors. *All words taken directly from an author must be in quotes or block form. * The paper must be at least 70% in student own words. * The historical facts will be strengthened with attributions from at least 2 different sources. * Attributions can be in any format, but they must be complete and included in a bibliography with at least three sources attached to the back. * The thesis must be clearly stated in the introductory and concluding paragraphs. * I want a grade of B+ at least. * Paper must be double-spaced *Please send me the reaserch paper when it is done to my email besides the shipping.
Name Professor Course Date Slavery in America The modern day America is famed for being a place where the rights of the people are respected and everyone is under the protection of the law. That is, everyone has the right to make his decisions and live as a free citizen who has the right to enjoy his rights. However, this has not always been that case. For the period running from 1808 to 1865, America was one place where gross violation of the human rights took place (Head, 1). This is the peak period in which slave trade was the in-thing, and the plantation owners in the American lands wanted slaves to work on their plantations. The slavery heightened when Eli Whitney came up with the cotton gin, a machine that could be used to separate the cotton seed from the fiber. This drove the need for more production of cotton to a high note, which in effect meant that more labor was needed, which meant that more slaves had to be brought into the country. This essay seeks to prove that the slavery in the Americas, especially the Northern America, was the worst form of slavery in the world. By use of literature review and real life examples, the paper will seek to prove that there was gross violation of the human rights. The violation of these rights starts right away from the capturing of the slaves, shipping them to the Americas and finally selling them to the American masters. It will also highlight how the slaves suffered at the hands of their masters. Through this analysis, the thesis of this paper will be proven by use of evidence. Capturing of the Slaves More often than not, people know of hunting in terms of wild animals. It is hard to conceive that the same can be said of human beings. However, during the trade period, the same was happening to human beings. The shippers who bought the slaves from the coast of Africa were in collaboration with the kings or leaders of the African communities (Religious Tolerance, 1). These kings would send their m...

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Slavery in the History of the United States of America Slavery in the History of the United States of America
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