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Should the use of cell phones while driving be legal?

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Should the use of cell phones while driving be legal?

Should the use of cell phones while driving be legal?

The report should be written based on using the following question: Should the use of cell phones while driving be legal? Your final paper will cohere around your research question and your hypothesis. As you develop the project, keep in mind that our focus in ILR 260 is inquiry, not argumentation. Argumentation is a worthy area of study and is the focus of ENG 240. In your ILR 260 research paper, however, your primary goal is to explore your research question with depth and sophistication rather than to persuade an audience of a particular viewpoint. While you will need to propose some sort of answer to your question in the final version of your project, that answer may be tentative. It may, for example, point in the direction of further questions and further research. It may identify contradictions in your research that are at this time irresolvable. Again, in writing this paper, focus on exploring, interpreting, and synthesizing ideas rather than on “defending” a thesis. Format: Please use APA citation style. (If you are majoring in English, email your instructor about using MLA instead.) Your paper should include at least two visual elements (for example, charts, tables, diagrams, photographs, or screenshots) that have an informational/communicative function within the main text (not just a piece of clipart, for example). Visual elements must be properly labeled and properly cited. (We will practice this in class.) Audience: Address your paper to a general audience. Your ILR classmates have a wide range of backgrounds and academic interests; assume this kind of broad readership when you write your paper. Assume that your readers are not specialists in your topic area. All ideas must be developed and fully explained. Range of Research Sources: You must use at least six high-quality/reliable sources, at least three of which must be peer-reviewed, scholarly journal articles from the NU library`s databases. (Be assured that the NU Library skills you develop will be transferable to other academic research environments, as academic libraries are set up very similarly and draw upon the same database vendors: ProQuest, EBSCO, etc.). You should also try to use at least one book, but this will depend on your topic. Be aware of the “information cycle”: events are generally covered first in newspapers, then in magazines, then in scholarly journals, and then in book-length studies. It`s usually not possible to find books on very recent issues or events. Whenever you use web sites, you will need to be aware of the limitations and possible biases of such sources. This awareness should shape how you use various kinds of web sources in your paper. Your goal should be to draw upon credible sources in your paper, and to conduct a thorough and fair inquiry. Interdisciplinarity: The paper should also have an interdisciplinary slant; that is, it should draw upon data and insights from more than one academic discipline to shed light on the research question. (For example, in an education-related paper, you could focus on a legal perspective, or introduce economic, biological, or historical information.)
Legalizing Cell Phone Use While Driving Author`s Name Institution 1 Introduction In the United States, the use of mobile phones started in the 1940. In Japan however, the commercial use of mobile phones started in 1979 (Gillepsia & Kin, 2007). Due to technological advancements, various modifications have been done on the mobile phone devices; hence, improving its efficiency. It is estimated today that about 80 million people have access to a cellular phone for which they use for both personal and business purposes. In the recent years, there has been an endless debate concerning the level of attention that drivers pay while driving. Information obtained from the 2000 USA census, shows that a driver spends about 25.5 minutes daily while moving from home to work. In a given time of the day, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) estimates that about 3% of the total drivers are using mobile phones (McCartt & Geary, 2004). The raise in the use of mobile phones has primarily resulted from the need to make business transaction while driving. However, humans have a limited natural capacity to pay attention while multitasking. Due to this inherent inability, drivers are easily distracted by the use of mobile phones. There has been increasing interest on the relation between road safety and the drivers` inattention. This is due to the recent development in technology other than mobile phone, which has ...

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Should the use of cell phones while driving be legal? Should the use of cell phones while driving be legal?
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