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Should animal be used for testing

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Should animal be used for testing

Should animal be used for testing

NOTE: -I am a NON NATIVE speaker, Please use SIMPLE words and sentences. -Must use at least 10 sources for this paper. -Thesis must include all the main points or reasons ( example: animal should be/not be used for testing because of........(3or4 main points). -Must include work cited. Thanks
NameCourseLectureDateThe debate on whether animals should be used in testing has become a main subject to many. Opinions from different people differ since some agree with animal testing while others position that it`s not permitted to sacrifice animals for science as they are badly treated in their life time. Though one may be against animal testing, they should agree that they are selfish since they do not advocate for the use of animals in food industry and at times, they are involved in consuming animal`s products.Essentially, not every animal is suited for the test but laboratory animals are breed for science purposes and they guarantee improvement in the fields of science. On the other hand, everybody will benefit from this more so cosmetics industry, medical, pharmaceutical as well as household companies end up improving their products by testing them on animals, making it possible for man to live a better life. This paper seeks to look at the past, present and future of research in animal testing (Day 1994)If one could simply define animal research, it can be illustrated as the use of non-human animals in experimentation. The use of animal research has not been a new thing as it has been going on as far back as the time of Greek writing. It was around 384-322BC when Aristotle was recorded to use animals in experiments. Later on, Doctor Galen who lived around 129-200AD become the father of vivisection from an experiment on living pigs. Though the experiment was not meant for medical research, it was done to gain knowledge about the animals.In this era, one could not compare man with any animal in either physiology or any other way. For instance, biblically, man was created in God`s image and was given power above any other creature in the air, water, those moving along the ground and all the creatures on the earth. Though some people are against animals testing, animal should be used for testing since by doing this, life will change and people will be living a simple life of no fear (Demello and Willians, 2007).Even if animal research sounds as a spanking new term to most of the people, it started about 150 years ago when physiology become acknowledged as a science. From there, immense progress was noted in mid-1800s when medical research started experimenting animals. Amongst the first discovery, functioning of the cardiovascular and nerve system research was undertaken. In early 1959, Charles Darwin discovered the evolution theory. In his theory, he shows the link between animals and humans and also linked them between groups where each suits.By the help of different groups, it gives a path for research to be done on animals in order to understand the different animals and as well learn how human physiology worked. People did not support his discovery and later on, Darwin believed that animals have emotion and he decided to divide them between animal lovers, by doing this, British Animals Act which regulates research on animals started....

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Should animal be used for testing Should animal be used for testing
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