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[Solved] Self Control Intervention to Smoking Cessation

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[Solved] Self Control Intervention to Smoking Cessation

Self Control Intervention to Smoking Cessation


Report Marking Criteria (/25

Failing Standard Fail Pass Credit Distinction



Professional Standard MARK

Title and Abstract

 -  No title, or title is irrelevant to topic; 

 -  No abstract, or missing important aspects of the study

0 - 4 5 - 6 7 8 9-10

 -  Title concise and appropriate;

 -  Abstract presented all appropriate information concisely



 -  Broad introductory statement not provided (is too specific) 

or is irrelevant to the topic; 

 -  Concepts not defined or incorrectly defined

 -  Lacks empirical justification for behaviour modification

 -  Lacks theoretical basis for behavioural intervention, or 

theories are irrelevant to the current study; 

 -  Fails to comment upon the existing reinforcement 

contingencies that impact on the behaviour to be modified. 

 -  Aims/hypotheses not present, or irrelevant

 -  Poorly written, poor grammar or poor spelling

0 -9 10-12 13-14 15-16 17-20

 -  Outline of the topic begins broadly and explains the 

importance of the topic; 

 -  Integrated definitions of terms and concepts; 

 -  Clear justification for behavioural modification based on 

empirical research. 

 -  Theories underpinning the behavioural intervention are

clearly articulated and related to the aims of the study; 

 -  Identifies existing reinforcement contingencies that impact 

on behaviour that is to be modified; 

 -  Clear and accurate aims and hypotheses; 

 -  Written concisely and clearly, good grammar and spelling



 -  Participants subsection is missing or lacks detail; 

 -  Information about how the behaviour was measured is

lacking, incoherent or imprecise; 

 -  Procedural information about the intervention employed is 

missing, is incoherent or imprecise; 

0-7 8-9 10 11-12 13-15

 -  Participants subsection has appropriate detail; 

 -  Information about how the behaviour was measured is 

appropriate, clear and concise; 

 -  Procedure is in chronological order, is concise but has 

sufficient detail so it could be reproduced from description;

Failing Standard Fail Pass Credit Distinction



Professional Standard 



 -  Figures/tables and/or data, presented incorrectly, or are 

very difficult to interpret 

 -  Data are not verbally described and not related to 


 -  Poorly written, poor grammar and/or spelling

0 -9 10-12 13-14 15-16 17-20

 -  Correct figure or table (but not both) which is easy to 


 -  Data are clearly related to hypotheses in verbal description 

of results 

 -  Written concisely and clearly, with good grammar and 




 -  Results not interpreted or are inaccurately interpreted or 

are not linked to the hypotheses. 

 -  No attempt to interpret how the behavioural 

intervention impacted on the existing reinforcement 

contingencies identified in the Introduction.

 -  Overemphasis on methodological or other limitations of 

the study.

 -  No attempt to identify implications of the results for 

future interventions or for others or implications stated 

with no justification for them. 

 -  Poorly written, poor grammar and/or spelling.

0 -12 13-15 16-18 19-20 21-25

 -  Results accurately interpreted in relation to the 


 -  Discusses how the behavioural intervention impacted on 

the existing reinforcement contingencies indentified in 

the Introduction 

 -  Appropriate acknowledgement of methodological or 

other limitations of the study, and suggested 


 -  Implications of behaviour intervention going into the future 

and whether it would generalise to others are well 

described and justified. 

 -  Written concisely and clearly, with good grammar and 




 -  No references, referencing from unreliable sources or 

plagiarised references; 

 -  Lacks in-text referencing or is incorrect; 

 -  Heavy use of direct quotes;

 -  Direct quotes are not appropriately referenced if used.

 -  Absent or inaccurate reference list

 -  In-text referencing and reference list not in APA style.

0 - 4 5 - 6 7 8 9-10

 -  Adequate referencing to support arguments, 

 -  References from reliable sources; 

 -  Ideas expressed in own words; 

 -  Minimal use of direct quotes, which are properly 

referenced if used;

 -  Complete reference list

 -  Correct APA style for in-text referencing and reference 




Self Control Report Student: Professor: Course title: Date: Self control intervention to smoking cessation 1.0 Abstract Tobacco use causes many avoidable premature deaths annually. For many smokers, quitting tobacco use is not easy. This study aimed at establishing the efficacy of self-control, a behavioral intervention, in helping cigarette smokers change their behavior and quit tobacco use. One hundred and twenty four people took part in the study. Two groups were used. Participants in the intervention group received counseling on how to stop smoking and were taught self-control skills. Subjects in the control group received counseling on how to stop smoking but did not practice self-control. Participants in the 2 groups were monitored for 4 weeks. The findings showed that participants who exerted small acts of self-control were in actual fact more successful at quitting tobacco use compared to participants who did not. 2.0 Introduction Worldwide, smoking of tobacco is a major cause of avertable premature death. Although most tobacco users would like to quit smoking, the addictive and habitual nature of tobacco use actually make sit hard to stop. One billion people globally smoke in spite the fact that six million deaths every year are related to smoking (World Health Organization, 2011). Health-related quality of life and life


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[Solved] Self Control Intervention to Smoking Cessation [Solved] Self Control Intervention to Smoking Cessation
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