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[Solved] Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. (Financial Summary Analysis Of Royal Caribbean)

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[Solved] Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. (Financial Summary Analysis Of Royal Caribbean)

Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. (Financial Summary Analysis Of Royal Caribbean)

RESEARCH PROJECT (Research Component). The thesis of the paper is a complete financial summary analysis (trend and industry) of Royal Caribbean to include any recommendations regarding the company. The project will be as complete as possible and will include a thorough S.W.O.T. analysis, a document that charts the trend of the stock price, and an analysis of the financial statements. The analysis should describe the student`s review of the data, financial ratios, an opinion regarding the corporation`s financial condition, and the supporting rationale for that opinion. It should be noted that the analysis of the financial statements is the heart of the paper; thus, the majority of the paper will be dedicated to this section. Reflection and analysis as well as comparing and contrasting are important to the completion of this project. Critical thinking and analysis (not just copying data from various sources) is expected. The student may use any outside data and assistance that is thought to be necessary, but appropriate credit must be given for the work, language, and ideas of others. Please use the 2010 10-K report from this website as one of the resources and for the SWOT http://phx.corporate-ir.net/phoenix.zhtml?c=103045&p=irol-reportsAnnual 1. Abstract This section presents an abbreviated overview of the entire paper for quick management skimming (a maximum of 250 words). 2. Introduction This section of the paper must be “introduced” as a major heading (centered) entitled Introduction. Essentially, the introduction “introduces” the project and describes the purpose of the paper and what will be accomplished through completion of the project. This section should be no more than 1page 3. Background This section provides brief factual account of history/ background information on the organization(s) which should be limited to no more than ½ page 4. Mission Statement What is a mission statement? Use a scholarly definition. What is its importance to the organization? What is the mission of the organization you have chosen? ½ page 5. Analysis of Internal Environment: (Internal environment consists of board of directors, corporate culture, and employees. Use scholarly definitions here.) 1 ½ page Board of Directors Who is the BOD? What kinds of people make up the BOD, and what expertise do they bring to the firm? Employees Who is the senior management team? What kinds of people make up the senior management, and what expertise do they bring to the firm? Corporate Culture Evaluation and recommendation (What is corporate culture? Use a scholarly definition. Why is it important? What is the culture like in the organization you have chosen to analyze? Is it strong or weak? Does the culture help the organization achieve core competencies? How do people fit into the culture?) 6. SWOT Analysis Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats (What is SWOT analysis? Use a scholarly definition. Why is it done? What does the SWOT analysis tell you about the viability of this organization, the industry, and the environment of the firm you have chosen?) See SWOT Analysis example & template for how to complete attached 1 ½ page 7. Litigation Pending Refer to the 10-K and Notes to the Financial Statements for indication of any pending litigation. What are the sources of this litigation? What is the potential financial impact? What does management say about the validity of the litigation? What evidence can you find about this potential threat in articles? ½ page 8. The Management Report 1 page The purpose of the management report (also called “Responsibility for Financial Reporting” report) is to define management`s responsibility in preparation and disclosure of the financial statements. If management gives a report, it is usually located near the auditor`s report. Read the management report carefully and answer the following questions concerning its content: According to the management report, who bears the responsibility for the integrity of the financial statements? What means does management use to assure that the financial information is reliable? An audit committee is comprised of several members of the board of directors. This committee acts as the liaison between the independent auditor and the corporation. What is the responsibility of the Audit Committee of the Board of Directors? Resources; Mininimun of 10 resources. 10 items on the reference list that are cited throughout the body of the paper. Sample Research Paper – A sample paper which has been properly formatted in APA style has been attached please use as a template.
Financial Summary Analysis Of Royal CaribbeanName:Institution:Date: Table of Contents TOC o "1-3" h z u HYPERLINK l "_Toc370045581"Abstract  PAGEREF _Toc370045581 h 3HYPERLINK l "_Toc370045582"Introduction  PAGEREF _Toc370045582 h 4HYPERLINK l "_Toc370045583"Background  PAGEREF _Toc370045583 h 5HYPERLINK l "_Toc370045584"Mission Statement  PAGEREF _Toc370045584 h 5HYPERLINK l "_Toc370045585"International Environment  PAGEREF _Toc370045585 h 6HYPERLINK l "_Toc370045586"The Management Report  PAGEREF _Toc370045586 h 9HYPERLINK l "_Toc370045587"References  PAGEREF _Toc370045587 h 10Abstract Operating a cruise-based business is not an easy task because it takes competent persons with great business planning strategies to establish, maintain and develop it. This project involves discovering and viewing the Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd via a financial evaluation. Some assessment was made through financial analysis of the entire company that is complex. The evaluation looks into a descriptive analysis of the complete summary that elaborates on the financial statements of the company and its potential in the market. Moreover, the SWOT assessment identifies the viability of the company as well as the means that the management applies to ensure that the financial statements are reliable and valid. A thorough study of data also presents a rationale of the financial conditions of Royal Caribbean Cruises. The company`s background reviews on the efforts made and the opportunities ceased after a certain period of time as well as the potential threats subjected to it. The reviews on financial ratios and data, among others, bring comprehensive and contenting the information for the discovery of financial status of the company, which would be helpful for future reference. IntroductionThe cruise line industry, which is also known as deep-sea transportation, was founded when people began to board overnight cruises around the early nineteen seventies, after which the demand rose immensely. The current cruise industries include companies that possess combined yearly revenue that exceeds thirteen billion dollars. One of the major companies that are on the lead in the deep sea cruise section includes the Royal Caribbean Cruises Limited, which is the second world`s largest cruise operator in terms of the number of ships. The company operates a sum of forty-one ships worldwide and it has a selection of itineraries, which call on around four hundred and sixty destinations globally(Investor Relations, 2012). The Royal Caribbean additionally operates its ships via the brand names of Pullmantur, Royal Caribbean International, Celebrity cruises, CDF Croisieres de France as well as Azamara Cruises and this combines to control a rate of twenty-three point eight percent of the cruise market in the entire world. It is considered very essential to identify and categorically analyze the trends of the compan...

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[Solved] Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. (Financial Summary Analysis Of Royal Caribbean) [Solved] Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. (Financial Summary Analysis Of Royal Caribbean)
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